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Grass Skirt Challenge incoming! So many headlines! UK EBS! God's Greatness Incoming!


Watch on UgeTube or Rumble. Rumble Videos takes a few minutes to post and will say "Private" while it is publishing.


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UK Emergency Alert did happen for many on 4/23/2023

Very Close to Grass Skirt Worthy News!

We are getting VERY VERY close to Grass Skirt Sammy Dancing!

We need to laugh more!

Celebrate about the simple things in life and living! Dance like no one is watching!

Being more thankful to God for the beautiful things He brings our way! From a smile to laughter to joy to hitting all green lights while driving to an appointment, to the hugs we get from our loved ones! A Simple thank you goes such a long way for our Lord in Heaven!

Is God preparing us for a huge surprise? What is that surprise? Is it something that has been sitting right in front of you this entire time, and now we are ready to receive it?

Has it been a beautiful surprise all along and yet you may not have known to see it or even see it or accept it?

Cherishing those beautiful simple moments with your loved ones!

Are you the cat looking in the mirror at the cat or vice versa?

Receiving God's Greatness, we have to be prepared and ready! We do not know what He has in store for us / you, but we do know that what God does have and has planned is greater than anything you can ever imagine! Did God take our diamond in us, scrub and buff us to shine among the beacon lights? Did we have to experience the pain in order to see the beauty?

And to prepare you to RECEIVE His Blessings?

We are God's handiwork! Does God want you to be prepared to unveil the beautiful you?





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