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Haitian President / CPL weeps in court / Trump's lawsuit

Updated: Aug 3, 2021



Haitian President Assassinated






Michael Avenatti weeps in court

He still has 2 more criminal cases.


The thug girls that tasered the Uber Eats driver that got him killed, they both are locked up!





Q POSTS on Class Action Lawsuits

Imagine the amount of information President Trump will get through discovery alone! Who are they tied to? Who is really controlling them? Are they even a legal entity? Etc.





Your Vote matters!!! Many should have received this in the mail. It's AMC's proxy and your form to vote and mail in.

Between now and the shareholder meeting on July 29, 2021, AMC will go through a rollercoaster ride.



Embracing God's beauty no matter where you live, the simple beauty is what matters. Perhaps we got closer to God; closer to loved ones; learned more about how we have been abused and used to only enrich the billionaires; how we were slaves to our own government and the corrupt agencies.

President Trump emphasized over and over again about bringing power back to You the People!!! As we see the fall of the billionaires, big tech, big banks, big media...a beautiful world awaits and we really don't know how beautiful it really is!


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Opinion piece.

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Deneze .C. Lujanen
Deneze .C. Lujanen

and also like to say this joe biden is a dumb clone the real one is dead so why they having clones to the presidency.. cause they dont want the sheeple to freak..well gee let them freak that way they will learn the dam truth..Joe and Hunter biden have been dead for 3 yrs.. and thats the truth...

and my so called government of Canada is also a Clone..Justine Trudope the real one his leg monitor has been taking off and instead he has been microchipped so the US Military can see where he goes at all times.. Trudope has 5 charges against him under the US criminal code and when we vote him out he will be flyi…


Deneze .C. Lujanen
Deneze .C. Lujanen

awesome , ban from youtube,twittless and in FB jail for 3 more weeks.. but i dont care and im still following you ..and i still love president trump and melania..there is something i want you to read..its 87 pages but the globalists are going down,down,down..yee haw

Deneze Lujanen... one of your biggest fans..

Vancouver Island,BC Canada

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