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Hawaii a Sovereign Kingdom! USA Inc overthrow attempt on Republic America!


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Hawaiian Sovereignty making headlines with MSM:

Hawaii is the works of pushing Hawaii Central Bank using CBDC. This would imprison the people of Hawai'i into a form of slavery and government dependence.

So let's look at the legal status of Hawai'i:

US-Gate - USA Inc. (the now defunct corporation) has a history of overthrowing governments. As for Hawai'i, USA Inc. stole the sovereign Kingdom and later apologized for it, however the supreme court, under OBAMA, who allegedly claims he was born in Hawai'i, would not include the public lands as part of the Apology Resolution. Therefore, if in 1993, Congress signed a Resolution Apology into law, then isn't that acknowledging and making an admission that Hawai'i was not ever supposed to be a state of the union (of the USA Inc.) and even if Obama claims that he was born in the Hawai'i, he, in essence was not born in a legal state of the union. (We all know he was born in Kenya but many people will not believe it), then he was not ever qualified to be president of USA Inc. This is Obama admitting he was born in Kenya:

The government has been hiding and lying to us all along and has installed people like Obama and just about every single president to run their dirty business.

JUST MY OPINION AND THINKING OUT LOUD Let's add one more country to the mix, the Republic United States of America. USA Inc. has violated the Geneva Convention / Law of War for over a century by taking over American Indian lands, Hawai'i Kingdom and its land and the country of the Republic America! The vile dirty evil tactics of USA Inc. caused the world to live in slavery! UNCONSTITUTIONAL AGENCIES 1) Federal Reserve (not a government agency and never have been, they are operated by Elites that run the Central Banks).

The Damage - Keeps the American people in financial debt and slavery by charging interest rates. That violates the Constitution.

2) Internal Revenue Service - Unconstitutional. There is no where in the Constitution or even in the IRS law that allows the IRS to collect taxes on income. The Damage - Income on your labor is taxed. YOUR EARNINGS! IRS has threaten to garnish wages, impose penalties / jail time, place tax liens, etc. if you do not pay their UNCONSTITUTIONAL income taxes! Former IRS Agents cannot find this law. It has been fraud all along!

3) Formed the USA Inc. to bypass the Constitution of the Republic United States of America! This Corporation is now defunct / bankrupt! Has been bankrupt since May 2020.

So not only did the unlawful USA Inc. steal the Kingdom of Hawai'i and its land, it then threw their unconstitutional tactics to keep the people of Hawai'i and all over the United States in debt for years or even decades! What is Coming? Remember when the Greatness for the people of the United States was to roll out in September 2001 but instead, the Bush / CIA Massacre happened...known as 9/11. What is going to happen to the Native Hawai'ians? Since Hawai'i is native land and there are zero commercial big banks in Hawai'i, then was it used as a tourism tool to attract people to consume all its land and leave the people of Hawai'i broke, in debt and lose their land? Will something good happen to Native Hawai'ians? Is this why the government started or plotted the Maui Fire Massacre? The Governor Josh Green signed an EO that took away the rights of the land owners to rebuild on prime real estate property like Lahaina; however, if their property was damaged by a natural disaster, then the government of Hawai'i would take over the land and rebuild. However, the Maui officials are now suing Hawaiian Electric Company for the cause of the fire. So does this lawsuit supersede the natural disaster and then it voids Josh Green's EO?

How can one state of the union have this much power?

What has run parallel in our lifetime? Fiat System and Quantum Financial System USA Inc (Biden) and Sovereign Republic America (Trump)

Hawaii - State of Union and Hawaii the Sovereign Kingdom CBDC and Gold Backed Currency roll outs Hawaii as State of Union is trying to install their own Hawaii Central Banking system with their version of digital payments. This would cripple the people of Hawaii living under a Central Bank that does not use previous metals as their form of payment. Gold and Silver is accepted all around the world. Why would anyone want to have their banking system controlled by a different version of the fiat dollar, known as the CBDC? Fiat dollar value was manipulated by the dirty greedy central banksters and they would control and manipulate the value of the digital currency as well.

Why Hawaii? The bigger question is why did the dirty pedo billionaires buy so much land in Hawaii for cheap? Is Hawaii their final stranglehold to keep their dirty child trafficking business alive?

With all the horrifying acts going on around the world, are we getting that much closer to something incredibly great? Part 2 on Friday September 1, 2023.

There is something very glorious and big in play for the Native Hawai'ans. It could have a ripple effect throughout the Republic United States of America! Stay tuned.




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