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Hunter Atty tried to remove court docs! NO DEAL for Hunter!


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So what is Biden's Plea Deal? Will it be a sweetheart deal? Even after the IRS Whistleblower testimonies have been admitted into evidence and then removed because Bengals requested it to be removed? The Judge Norieka, a Trump appointed judge, change her mind and deny the prosecutor's deal with Hunter, or will Hunter get a hand slap "plea deal" and sail into the sunset as a known criminal without any serious charges against him? We know the justice system is beyond corrupt and we will have to see what the justice system will do!




His MAGA base is getting hung up on DeSantis or Vivek. Who cares? Really? Anyone that is working so hard to give us our Freedom is none other President Trump himself! Yet, you decide! Here is a BOLD message from President Trump about the things he would do for Child Traffickers!

Listen carefully to President Trump saying film. He pronounced it "fill-em". The only information I could even connect with are these three: 1) Fill-em - This announcement happened days after the Actors Strike. Did President Trump fill up those GITMO / Prison cells with actors that were involved in child trafficking? 2) Phillen (Scottish Gaelic) translated to English means "I Returned".

3) Phellem means Cork - Does this mean we celebrate something?

It's all about the Comms he sends! God Bless you All!!!

God is always our answer!



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