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Hunter indicted! Expert Witness finds no fraud for Trump! Putin in SA! Grok!


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HUNTER INDICTED Hunter Biden is indicted and the Media is crickets about this news! James Comer is concerned that Hunter will use this at his deposition and invoke his 5th amendment rights during the Congressional Oversight hearing. The bigger charges could not be pursued due to the prosecutors allowed the Statute of Limitations to lapse. However, in President Trump's case, the judge is allowing a case far beyond the Statute of Limitations! Here is a Reuters clip of President Trump after the court hearing today:

President Trump was exonerated by this expert witness! Yet the judge will let the case continue and both Trump and the expert witness will return on Monday.

More importantly, this is a civil case and there was no one injured! In my humble opinion, this case should have been dismissed already.

The double standards are in full force! Hunter cannot get charged with anything beyond the Statute of Limitations, but Trump can? How will this all boomerang to the liberals / left?

The world knows the Biden's are criminals. Here is a document signed by JFK Jr:


Kim Jun Un met Putin in Russia:

Putin at Emergency BRICS meeting:

Once again...a repeat of Putin in the news...big things happen behind the scenes!

Asking Grok about the number of Nations as a part of BRICS:





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