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Ildonaldo comms! Gensler is lame! Chris Miller says 26! Pool big posts! God hears your prayers!



So if those retail trades are not hitting the exchange. Investopedia article.

Crypto Fraud, scam and abuse. Not under regulatory regime. Meme Stocks. Apparently, CNBC has removed the full Sorkin / Gensler full interview.

Gensler even mentions Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin.

Article on Satoshi Nakamoto and the CIA could neither confirm or deny his identity.

Gary Gensler is a former Goldman Sachs as a partner in their M&A group. Suspicious? He is more proud of opening up a Twitter account rather than regulating corrupt entities!


CHRIS MILLER - Secretary of Defense Interview




This entire operation is about saving the Children. Helping humanity! Anything more is an added bonus!



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Opinion piece.

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Hi Santa

Here my Mr. Pool interpretation

Order. Given

Cone. Light at the end of the tunnel. WOW. MOM Military on mission

Who knows really anything is possible. 💕🙏🙏🙏


My interpretation of the Mr. Pool pictures:

  1. ORDER: The order’s been given.

  2. 1, 2, 3… Let’s Go!: Countdown to ready.

  3. Red Light/Orange Cone: Like a traffic cone, denotes caution, way is blocked, can’t go here (i.e., escape route blocked?), new route.

  4. Green Pedestrian Light: Proceed or safe to proceed.

  5. No Exit Sign: No way out, no turning back.

  6. Cup with milk and “WOW” letters: For Anons who knew what was coming but it’s better than even they expected.

  7. Guy with Binoculars: For normies who are seeing the truth up close probably for the first time and can’t believe what they’re seeing. Possibly seeing something positive because guy is surprised but not shocked or scared.

I would guess this probably has…

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