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Is Wall Street behind pushing Trump's indictment? QFS incoming!


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USGUARDIANEAGLE on Truth commented about the markets and liquidity and this week we are wathing the fall of wall street / dirty central banks / fed reserve.

Do the Big Banks need Trump out of the way? Are they in cahoots with the NY DA's office? Why? Because Trump is rolling in the new Quantum Financial System that rids the Federal Reserve / Central Banks! They desperately need to hold onto their unconstitutional way of doing business to keep us slaves to their corrupt system! In the public eye, this would all be very new, in the NESARA / GESARA eyes, this is what we've been waiting for and has been in the works for a long long time! The banks are getting weaker and weaker each day! President Trump posted a photo of him praying and is it that he knows that the Central / Big Banksters would go down without a fight?

It's been the elites that have always had control and for the first time in our generation, we are witnessing the fall of dirty Wall Street! Politicians that kept and pushed the corrupt system are all going down! This is an excellent summary of everything that will go down in the coming days / weeks. Once we see the outcome for tomorrow, we are bound to move into hyerdrive!!


SURROUND YOURSELF WITH THOSE THAT INSPIRE YOU AND TRUST IN GOD AND NOT IN MAN I pray each day knowing GOD will give the answers. I stopped counting on man or waiting for one person to return. God has never left us and He has always been there for us!





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