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JFK Nov 22, 1963 - Federal Reserve is Unconstitutional & Crumbling!

November 22, 1963 marks the darkest day in America, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.



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In 1912, these three wealthy men opposed the Federal Reserve and all 3 were killed on the Titanic:

On June 4, 1963 President Kennedy signed EO 11110 authorizing Silver Backed currency:

5 months later, President Kennedy was assassinated:

Interesting that the "government" was able to point this to Lee Harvey Oswald within hours after the shooting. But who was really behind it? This redcated letter is circulating social media:

Here is an NYT article that the clowns or any other government agency does not want you to ever know, that George HW Bush (Sr) was behind this entire take down! These lame agencies could neither confirm nor deny Bush as a Clown operative! What a bunch of Bozos!

So where did the Silver Certificates really go?? Who has it now? Q references "We Have it all" several times.

The lives of JFK and Abraham Lincoln were taken from America and the World because of greedy bankers / elites that wanted world dominance!

Even Former IRS Agents are telling the truth about the IRS:

Big Banks have turned to Crypto, which we are learning that many different cryptos are DIRTY and exposed!

Today, President Trump is hit from all angles and the take down of the Federal Reserve / Rothchild / Rockefellers / Paysuer family's is coming to an end! President Trump and the White Hats are fully aware of the dirty tactics these dirty government agencies / fake government entities like the Fed Reserve / IRS have hurt the people of the World!


Summary of what is to come:


Some are just beginning to see the truth and watch how this all plays out and are now open to hearing from you, Anons, Surfers, Patriots! Some are seeking salvation. If so, please watch this short clip:



Keep your faith in Jesus! He will help you get through the storm!



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