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2 Corinthians 4:15

11 Promises of God

PART 1 Promise #1 - God Loves You Unconditionally

Unconditional Love Bible Versus

Q Posts - God Promise #2 - You Are Never Alone

Prayer Alone - Matthew 6:6 Q posts

Promise # 3 - You Are Redeemed and Have an Eternal Home in Heaven

Kingdom of Heaven - Matthew 5:20

Q posts - Heaven

Promise # 4 - God Formed You with Intention and Knows You Intimately Promise #5 - You Are Who the Bible Says You Are God Formed you Bible Versus Q posts - Created - This is to show some things that man created

Promise #6 - God's Plan for Your Life Is to Prosper You, Not to Harm You Bible Verse - Jer. 29:11 Q posts - Biblical

Promise #7 - The Risk That God Is Calling You to Take Is Worth It Bible Verse - Psalm 66:8-12 the outcome of taking risks

Q post _____________________________________________________________________ PART 2 Promise #8 - You Have Special Strength Available through Faith: The Power of Christ Bible Verses - Faith

Q Posts - Faith Promise #9 - God Hears Your Prayers and Can Move through Them Bible Verses - Prayer Q Posts - Pray Promise #10 - Hope Is Always Alive in Your Life through Faith

Bible Verses - Hope

Q Posts - Hope (Both ways) Promise #11 - God Can Reveal Himself to You and Others through Community

Bible Verses - God's presence







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