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MAGA promises! SCOTUS Dilemna! Sarbanes-Oxley Act would boomerang! "0..1..2"


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Sarbaneys-Oxley Act (aka SOX) Citing liberal Wikipedia's interpretation of this bi-partisan act that was passed by Congress in 2002.

J6 Sham Committee evidence went missing! Where did it go? Would the J6 Committee be in violation of SOX? Wouldn't they face fines and up to 20 years in prison?

Think of the fake indictments on trumped up charges. A DC Justice system that is not a part of the States of the Union. Two dirty DA's trying to frame President Trump. J6 Prisoners cited SOX as their defense and naturally prosecutors are trying to get it dismissed, but what if all those dirty prosecutors, dirty DC cops, the ones that incited violence and killed innocent lives, violated SOX? Wouldn't the real J6 tapes be proof enough that dirty justice system concealed evidence? Is this how President Trump gets to turn the entire judicial system around, by citing Acts or Laws like SOX?

Why hasn't President Trump released his own surveillance tapes of the FBI raid on 8/8/2022? Why hasn't Congress released the 41,000 hours of J6 tapes?

Why are there so many smoking guns that could get dropped today that would get every single dirty justice person all around the country, arrested for violations of laws? TIMING! Why? Because if President Trump released things too soon, then world wide corruption may still linger on and then another cabal could start all over again!

Things have to happen and delays have occurred. Yes, we have heard that before, but remember President Trump's SD speech on 9/8/2023, he talked about having good relationships with Kim and Putin? Hat Tip to JoeC on Locals for alerting me on this!

We know this is all so head banging! We may say...oh come on just get on with it....but we have to wait.

Just wait! Remember, DC is off the maps now!

Because bigger things are on its way.

Was this past weekend the MAGA promises weekend?

Remember, when President Trump builds something, he does it right the first time around! As a Developer, you cannot rush to open your doors, you have to be very strategic, very patient and very diligent!

Because during this have no idea how much you are touching lives...and we needed this JOURNEY to discover the beauty that surrounds us! This lady, Margie, reminds me of you!!!

How we are all here for one another to love, laugh and lift each other up!



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