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Markets! Trump talks PA! AOC bribe talk! Schiff wants to investigate Biden! Pray!


AOC Bribe - She's telling people FEMA will pay $9000 to death certificates that state the death was caused by Covid. AOC is telling people they can edit their death certificates!!!

Oh I don't know what side she is playing, but she really needs to go down! She is so evil and a complete waste of our taxpayer dollars!!! FEMA is funded by taxpayers!! I did not sign up for this!!!

HRC News - posted this article and then it got deleted. McAfee on Telegram posted the Huma email dated 9/3/2016 just 2 months before the 2016 election:

We need all this news to go public!!





CNN Banner showed Princess Diana:



So...this is who showed up for the big FedFest on Saturday! This is how some marched in!

Same haircuts, cuffed shorts (OMG)! Same RayBans. Weapons in pockets. Black socks!!! Oh come on...this is not MAGA people...these are a bunch of fed boys!

Fixed it!!

And then we have this one...YIKES!!! This one definitely missed the memo:

Sorry...I know you can't unhear it!! Or unsee it!

Then the only one they one of their own!




It's going to get nuts out there!!! Anything to prevent the results and the Wall Street stories!

Please pray for the entire world!! Fairness, Freedom and Peace!

We need our lives back! Our freedom back!! We need God more than ever!!

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