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McAfee! Buffet resigns GF! Rally will be lit! Excellent Q decoded by MEQ

Updated: Aug 3, 2021


With McAfee getting extradited to USA also tells me that Spain must have changed their rules in terms of being the safe haven for tax evaders and other crooks.

McAfee tweeted about getting Epstein'd - this in October 2020:

McAfee did get his assets seized:

McAfee final public words about Why power corrupts:

Remember in 2019, McAfee tweeted this (tweet links to Article):

Just how much information / dirt / sauce did he have on the Clowns in America and many others?



Remember last year, his best buddy, Bill Gates resigned:

Did they have a spat? Or is it something much bigger? Two months ago Buffet dumped bank stocks and left billions on the table. Why would he do that? He would never leave a dime on the table?

Something much bigger is brewing!


Check this out, Morgan Stanley bars unvaccinated CLIENTS and employees effective July 12, 2021. Remember, MS runs a dark pool (open slideshow):

Makes me wonder, is this how these big Banks / Wall Street goes down? Telling people you have to be vaccinated to enter the building? Wasn't it just a month ago big banks like JPM was telling its employees they need to show up to work on a rotating mid July?

Is this how corrupt corporations will exit? Through crazy requirements like this or some other type of excuse?


MAJIC EYES QNLY - New Podcaster on Rumble/YouTube

This podcaster decodes Q in the most Brilliant and sophisticated way ever! He is spot on! His digs includes links to all his proofs. Thank you @CrowRising on Twitter. Just a intro to his digs:

Majic Eyes Qnly YouTube Channel Link

Majic Eyes Qnly Digs in Folders

I have heard many different decodes of Q, but this one is truly mind blowing! And it makes sense. He makes a statement saying "this is not political, it's about the law of war..."

That resonates with me, because we are not a divided movement, we're all in this together.

In a battle, one does not ask what party line they stand for, but if they will stand for fighting for their freedom!

It is unfortunate that the left and fake news media have created the division and how the lingering left may not see it this way. Hopefully we will all unite as one and stand together as one huge world wide Army! The We the People Army!




Links to Q posts:


Thank you Dan Scavino Mr Pool and all Anons that did this digging!

There is a reason Dan Scavino posted this:

Looks like things are moving at Warp Speed now!



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Greg Pfander
Greg Pfander
25 juin 2021

I lived close to his property here in Woodland Park Colorado. Pretty sure he not only donated to the police in Belize also he did in Woodland Park I do believe. Funny thing in the last week or so many Woodland Park police are under criminal investigation.


SantaSurfing - Great Shows with so much POSITIVE Energy! Not sure how to reach you but thought you might like this... Podcast goes live June 25th and ALL FREE! Its Time for people to TURN their LIGHTS ON!


24 juin 2021

When it said McAfee was arrested, I said to myself; he'll be dead shortly. I just didn't think it would be this fast!

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