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McFailure still losing! Big Twit File reveals! Make a difference!

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118th CONGRESS SAYS THEY LISTEN TO WE THE PEOPLE I call malarkey! They aren't listening to squat! They have their own agenda! Interesting...Dan Crenshaw is calling the 19 republicans, terrorists! Speaking of Squat, Matt Gaetz just called out Kevin McCarthy a Squatter!

Yesterday, Matt Gaetz called McCarthy an alligator and then calls him a Squatter!!! Hence Kevin's new nickname, Squatty McGator (hat tip to @Redroost on Truth for the new name):

After 7 votes, no one wants Squatty McGator! Not even Godzilla (an Alligator relative)!

Yesterday, President Trump posted a truth stating "Of the People, By the People, FOR THE PEOPLE!!!" So if that is the case, then why not have the American People have a voice and let Congress know, who we would want. These RINO House members are touting that they hear the American people, they read our popcorn memes, our messages, then if that were the case, they would know, the majority of the People does not want Squatty McGator. So many called Congress to let them hear our voices!

This would be the WE THE PEOPLE MOVEMENT like never before! If there is a reason to stall the Speaker selection, then everything we are seeing is for optics. Is it because we are facing a SCOTUS case, Brunson v. Adams, that is all about WE THE PEOPLE vs. the Corrupt Congress? Think this, if we don't have a speaker, and active House, and let's say, Joe and Harris crumble this week because more news is popping up about Biden crimes and he and Harris are gone, guess who is next in line (if we don't have a Speaker)...CHUCK GRASSLEY!!!

So what if this circus show in Congress is to wake us up and get us to make calls and post things letting the 118th House know...WE THE PEOPLE HAVE A SAY! If they ignore the thousands of posts and messages, then we know they are RINO's and not about America's the same ole Congress that doesn't care about the people that voted them in!

OPTICS AND HIVE MIND If someone is endorsing Squatty McGator, is it because the White Hats / Trump Team wants to hear the voices of the people? Get a better idea of where you all stand? Is it so they can plan their next steps? DO SOMETHING - THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! DO SOMETHING! WE'RE MAKING HISTORY...BUILD MEMORIES AND HAVE A HECK OF A LOT OF FUN WHILE GOING DOWN THIS JOURNEY! We waited for years to have the majority in the House and now we are witnessing that they can't even get it together!

Then President Trump via his Il Donaldo account posted this:

Oh heck yeah you do look GREAT up there Mr. Bossman! Talk about getting things done! Yet, think about a Speaker role with the fire and passion that each one of you get the truth out there and get things done....YOU...THE PATRIOTIC AMERICAN WOULD GET MORE DONE AS SPEAKER than they could ever nominate as an elected person in Congress! Think about the person that only wants the Title and the person that wants to work smart and hard to get things done!

So if being the Speaker isn't your calling, why not call Congress and tell them exactly who you would want as Speaker. I did! I called and left messages with Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz's office and tomorrow, I will do the same again tomorrow! NO ONE knows how this will play out and President Trump has zero leaks, so while we wait to see how things play out, rather than giving up hope...BE A BIG PART OF HISTORY and make your voices heard!



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