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Military / White Hats paid a huge Price for our Peace as our Prize


44 UK Lloyds Banks closing

Are we seeing the end of the Big Banks and their brick and mortar from for their criminals r us clients are getting put away? Are loans not coming in so that means their revenues are dwindling away? What are the real balance sheets of these banks without their synthetic metals?

Are we moving towards the QFS, a highly sophisticated digital banking that is user friendly? With more and more banks announcing digital banking and digital currency, will these currencies be backed by precious metals?



Where did McAfee drop his 31T of information?

Blockchain > Etherscan > BOOM

From AMC Archive Telegram


What does it mean? There are thousands of transfers and swaps happening on this WHACKD Token that has a value of $0. AMC Archive enlightened me that the transactions are mostly transfers and swaps and no buys. Exactly how much data is transmitting right now? And who is this 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 account the received over 21% of WHACKD's tokens?


Q4954 that got deleted because it was an Oopsie:

INGERSOLL Reference from Q post that got deleted...check out Ingersoll's Website (thank you @Xanon on Telegram):

Interesting how Ingersoll's website makes this notice on their home page!

Q knew all along and the movie has been playing since 2017.

If you have a chance to watch Majic Eyes Qnly, he has the most sophisticated and brilliant decodes of Q posts. Q team has thought of every single detail in posting each drop!

Q has mentioned multiple times We are at War and what happens when we are at war, President Trump can use many Military moves because of this :

Referencing Majic Eyes Qnly's Q all leads to the Law of War. 11.3:

IlDonaldo post on June 23, 2021 that ties all of this together:

"Joe Biden's fear of insurrection is just DELICIOUSO!!!"

In short, the majority of people that reached out to me after watching one of his videos, have used the one common word to describe their frame of mind..."PEACE".



Peace in knowing that the plan has been put into place, not by speculation, but by the Q playbook that ties in with the Law of War. Q4954 oopsie post was enough for Anons to dig, but it enough to finally be at peace knowing the playbook was there right in front of us the entire time, we just needed to make the reference to the Law of War.

Thank you Majic Eyes Qnly for sharing incredible insight that gives us peace within.

Sammy and I will be bright eyed and bushy tail waiting to hear President Trump MAGA Rally tomorrow!!

Thank you for supporting our show!

Meme made by Bad Ass Bom



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30 de jun. de 2021

Dear Santa Surfing, I am a great fan of your work. You are an inspiration sent by God. I see your country and I realize that my Chile is going through pretty much the same. We are being attacked by extreme leftists, looters, liars, coward and treasonous politicians since 2019. The worst of all is our President who is a traitor and a globalist. We wish we had someone like President Trump, you are so lucky for having him fighting tirelessly on behalf of USA. God bless you all.

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