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More Banks closing! Obama dirty secrets on Tucker! Pray for President Trump!


Watch on UgeTube or Rumble. Rumble Videos takes a few minutes to post and will say "Private" while it is publishing.


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Great Explanation:

Clinton walking with a 2 man detail (are they Federal Marshalls?) and getting no attention. Notice the Shirt on the young lady..."The End"

Obama Reveals...introduction. On Tucker Show on Wednesday at 6pm ET:

Biden is just a horrible horrible person! He has zero regard for the those that risked their lives and served to save our Country. He walks away from the Medal of Freedom award.

Biden Reveals to come:

ARTICLE LINK - USA Today. Why the planned alert? September 6 Delta warns about an Emergency Alert coming:

Burning Man event flooded - explained.

Is this a sign of the satanists are getting flooded out?

Connecting dots: September 6 - Tucker reveals on Obama dirty secrets!

September 8 - Trump Rally in South Dakota

Video to Q4636:

October 4 - Planned EBS October 31 - Biden crimes on audio released (last day for releasing it). Q Post Deltas September 8 PLEASE PRAY FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP!



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