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More loans removed! TX State Dems will get arrested! You are God's treasure!



Texas state democrat representatives shared a photo of them on a private plane and claiming they are going to DC to vote. One representative even brought a case of Miller Lite for their trip!

In actuality, they were fleeing the state of Texas to avoid passing important bills including voter integrity laws, reducing property taxes, securing the border and law enforcement in high crime areas.

These state representatives have a duty to serve and opted to flee Texas en route to DC (on taxpayer dime). Gov. Abbott's announcement is that they will get arrested when they return.

This is a meme

At some point, these representatives need to return to their homes in Texas. When they get arrested, they will go directly to the state Capitol.



Student loans are getting cancelled more often. We know President Trump has been working very hard to implement his version of Trumpsara, and recently more and more people are reporting student loans are getting removed. This is excellent news!

This relief will help thousands of students or parents of students! This is so needed at this time! Notice how the media isn't talking about this great news! Articles are giving credit to Joe, but we all know who is really running the country, President Trump!



589 - Seaching on on 589 and it covers just about EVERYTHING:



Now silver and Reddit traders is part of financial news!

Interesting how CNBC is now talking Silver and they haven't done this before.

Gold is the strongest in decades:

To give you an idea of the value of your Silver or Gold, JM Bullion has this great online free calculator:

Silver Calculator

Gold Calculator

If CNBC is pushing the Silver narrative, how big is the squeeze? Are they distracting us from the meme stocks? Do they want us to invest in something else instead of AMC or GME?

Retail and Reddit investors are holding tightly to these stocks as a way to expose corruption. We know the AMC shareholder meeting is July 29, 2021 and investors are sending in their votes and proxies before then. Should all the proxies arrive, this will give AMC a better idea of exactly how many shares are outstanding. And how many are synthetic.



Regardless of how big the prices of AMC, GME stock will rise. Or the price of Silver or Gold. While the corrupt agencies are fighting against us and for the wealthy bankers and billionaires....Yet our Lord in Heaven demands fairness in every business deal.

Knowing that God always fulfills His promises to us, your faith in God is an incredible treasure in God's eyes. We know that God's justice prevails. We have all learned the justice from the court systems on earth has let all of us down. Good, hardworking, people, just working diligently to do God's work and to get beat down every single day. or with a legal matter that went awry, or not getting medical coverage on a procedure, and when we still have a smile on our face and faith in our hearts, our Father in Heaven smiles and He will help us.

FAITH in God is His treasure! If EVERY SINGLE person had faith just for one full day and on the same day, imagine how jubilant we would all be within. To pick up the phone with someone that has faced troubles and to hear him or her tell you, "I have faith that all things will work out". And that helps lift you up! It is an incredible domino affect!

Power of positivity in God's work is incredible. Asking God for His answer and when He does answer your request, God's answer is always the best answer.

When we walk with faith in God and follow His lead and guidance, wonderful things do happen!

IlDonaldo posted this beautiful message:

Have you prayed to God today? Laughed with God and shared your joyous moments or even humorous moments today? Have you talked with Him?

Our Lord God wants us to be thankful always! And even enjoy life and living!

God takes care of and provides even the smallest creatures on earth, birds, squirrels, geckos, He will most certainly take care of YOU!!!



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Opinion piece.

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