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Mr Pool Digs by Bad Ass Bom / New Rules for Short Hedgies / UK Hedge Fund closes shop!

Updated: Aug 3, 2021


Special Thanks to Bad Ass Bom Magazine for this dig:

New Mr Pool:


CRYPTO / XRP (as of 6/21/2021):



Mr Pool gets a lot of heat with people making comments. This entire worldwide operation is massive. Taking down the dirty central banks, feds, dirty clowns, while taking down bad guys all around the world. Then taking down all their cohorts and minions along the a monumental task!

Now we are watching the short sellers getting hit with new rules and regulations:

Hot Dang!!! Then this happened in the UK:

Remember, in most of our lifetime, they did so many cruel things to middle America that we have had to rebuild over and over again! Now we are watching them fall apart!

What the Military and White Hats are doing is short of a miracle. It's not an easy and fast task at all.

I am grateful for everything that they are doing to help humanity all around the planet! Thank you President Trump, our Military and White Hats!! You're working tirelessly to make Earth Beautiful and Safe again!


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Opinion piece.

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