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MSM is anti-Sound of freedom! We are living in modern day Slavery! GOD IS THE ONLY WAY!


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LEFTIST REACTION TO SOUND OF FREEDOM The liberal media is spinning the Sound of Freedom in any way possible!

July 2 Deltas is all about Child Trafficking! Names of "celebrities" are mentioned in Q4577 (Jul 2 Delta)

This video got removed from Twitter. It is not for the faint of heart! I will not show this on the podcast, but if you want a glimpse of the inhumane suffering these children had to go is so heart breatking! Video Link. Punisher on Twitter promised to drop bombs and that he is doing! This one hits home!

SOUND OF FREEDOM is about freeing the children from their bondage and fear! Child trafficking is a $150B business and man celebs are bright enough to start a business so they resorted to hurting humanity!

Remember, their acts were / are barbaric! In my humble opinion, they became the enemy of the people....all people! The media hid the truth! Did they violate the geneva convention? Because they were enemies in our own state (country), they pushed for abortions (possibly for organ harvesting) to child / sex trafficking. They didn't care if it hurt infants and /or adults! They positioned themselves to being untouchable, while they commit these evil horrid acts to children. Did the "celebs" or liberal media or even the banks that helped laundered their dirty money even care about helping humanity...NO! These sickos only wanted to destroy lives and hide the truth! Slavery comes in so many different forms: FINANCIAL SLAVERY - From using Fiat dollars to charging interest MARKET MANIPULATION SLAVERY - Unless you're on top of your investments or in Wall Street, one really didn't have an advantage when the markets were heavily manipulated in favor of dirty Wall Street.

TAX SLAVERY - Imposing tax from a non-government agency (IRS) to take away your hard working dollars! Then charging tax for the very property that you own!

POLITICAL SLAVERY - WE STILL don't have a say in the matter. We see a very corrupt administration, albeit fake, it is the public eye administration and NOTHING happens to them when they commit acts of Treason and Criminal acts! BIRTH CERTIFICATE SLAVERY - The government immediately gave you a number and traded your birth certificates as a bond and made m/billions from your certificate. Did they ever care to tell you about it? NO! VAX MANDATE SLAVERY - Mandating a vaccine and the physicians were either in on it, or they were threatened by the AMA to lose their license if they didn't impose vax mandates!

The list goes on and on. All of this is a violation of our Constitutional Rights! We never had a say so and when we elected someone that promised to have our backs and fight for us...most of them did not! Most of Congress are bought and paid for to help big businesses, other governments, etc to take away our freedom! Children never had a voice or choice. They were lured into their operation and then tormented! We watch Mel Gibson and Jim Caviezel gave up their lives to get the truth out there! It cost their careers, but what was more important was getting the truth out there. Mel Gibson has been talking about it for years! Didn't you give up your lives to fight for this Truth to get exposed! Gibson and Caviezel could not have done this without the support of the hundreds of millions of worldwide Patriots fighting to keep God in our lives, and to prevent harm to humanity. Tim Ballard was featured on CBS in 2014 for a sting operation to catch child traffickers!

IMAGINE OUR MILITARY AND WHITE HATS...WHAT THEY DID! What they had to witness to save a life! If you asked any one of them, they would say "I'm doing my job"! Saving lives! The world is grateful!

Some did not make it back and yet they may have saved a life or several lives. Our Military needs our prayers to help them recover from the pain of what they saw going through this recue mission! WE NEED GOD MORE THAN EVER! WITH GOD WE CAN BEAT THIS SLAVERY! The closer we get to the harsh truth, the more difficult life begins! But one has to it worth it?

Why we fight to get Trump back!


SALVATION PRAYER - If you'd like to accept Christ into your heart, here is a short video:



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