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MTG on Epstein Client list to make public! Blackstone is hurting! Tide is Turning!!


Watch on UgeTube or Rumble. Rumble Videos takes a few minutes to post and will say "Private" while it is publishing.


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MTG on FIRE!!! She is demanding the release of Epstein Client List and make it public!

MTG is not concerned about a default. And then talks about dismantling the CIA, FBI, DOJ and rebuilding it!

EPSTEIN IS TRENDING! Eye opening posts!

DOE 1 v. JPM then JPM v. Jes Staley (former JPM Executive) - as 3rd party Defendant then Staley files Motion to Dismiss (Doc 90)

then Judge Radkoff denies MTD! Bottom line...this is an epic example of the elites are going after their own now!



Soon we will all see the rewards! The process is painful, yet the outcome is all in God's hands!

Staying very positive and knowing that God has a MASTER plan! He wants us to be positive and full of light and love and setting goals!

We'll face some speed bumps, but we will overcome! The stronger you are in your walk with God, the more prepared you are for anything that comes our way!

Many are getting ready for tons of dancing and celebration! Get your PainAbsolve and dancing shoes on...

It's all about our Journey!!!



SALVATION PRAYER - If you'd like to accept Christ into your heart, here is a short video:



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