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NESARA!!! 10 Days ended! Big Things did happen! It's time to Praise God Again!

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Complimentary Commemorative Note with every order. Note is sent separately.



Why is SilverGate communicating with us Surfers / Patriots / Anons? To help guide us to help take back our country! We are in a Digital War and it is YOU that have been fighting so hard and doing so tirelessly to help take back our Country!!!

It is YOU the People and you are all doing God's work to fight for the freedom that we all want. Every ounce of our freedom has been siphoned from us! Slow drips of it in every single angle of our way of living is the abuse the corrupt cabal maliciously crafted and some may have been so immune to it. Yet, we elected a President that stood by our side to fight this huge battle and you automatically volunteered your time and efforts to make so much happen!!

The information given in this podcast is what is shared by the very man that has been surfing with us who happens to be in close proximity to President Trump at all times because of his role in protecting the country!

Q97 about the 10 days. Darkness. Has already happened! It is defined as the exactly how this Q post is written: