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NESARA actions and Anons Vindicated by Trump post! Trump going after dirty DC!

Updated: Aug 9, 2023


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NESARA / GESARA National Economic Stabilization and Reformation Act Peace around the World Constitutional Rights Constitutional Justice System Release of Cures and Therapeutics New Technologies released - that will change the world America the Sovereign Country - Not the dirty USA Inc (formed in 1871) that is now bankrupt! New Elections Constitutional Congress No Corrupt Government Abolishes the IRS and Federal Reserve Gold / Silver backed currency used (aka Rainbow Currency) - No fiat dollars Humanity projects worldwide - from technologies or access to minerals, etc. And much more!

President Trump 2016 Campaign was "Drain the Swamp" - The NESARA Story!

As we have discussed NESARA / GESARA and also known as Trumpsara this is the most amazing part, the interview that GB News (from the UK) had with Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes and how she dropped huge bombs!


At the 1hr. 12 Min Mark with their Guest Jan Halper-Hayes, who sits on the Task Force for the Department of Defense dropping BIG information:

Highlights: Jan Halper-Hayes dropped 7 massive formerly known as Conspiracy theory bombs! 1) Trump is still President of the Republic America. Joe Biden is president of the bankrupt USA Incorporated. 2) SpaceForce has actual Election Results 3) State Legislatures are the only ones that have rights to change election laws, according to the Constitution.

4) Jan Halper-Hayes sits on task force for DoD and DoD has "got the goods"! If Trump released those "goods' early on, there would be a civil war. He had to show people just how corrupt they really are! 5) Trump walking in front of queen Elizabeth telling her that he will bankrupt the USA Inc. that will take down the Vatican, Crown and DC! Told queen that he is ending this! 6) Pope was not happy. 7) Took 650 planes to get the gold underneath the Vatican.

Why did I say "formerly known as" conspiracy theories....because President Trump re-truthed her interview Sunday evening!

To give you a better understanding to Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes, she also sat on President Trump's transition team in 2017. Here is an introduction to her from a very liberal host.

General Flynn was getting in on the action as well!

President Trump has the power to go after the dirty bankrupt DC that sits on foreign soil!

DoD Law of War....11.3. End of Belligerent Occupation. Is this referring to DC, London City and Vatican City?

So if Dr. Hayes confirms many acts leading towards NESARA, and President Trump retruthed it, then after 3 years of all the hard work, Surfers and Anons just got confirmed!







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