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NESARA Con't. again - USA!

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With the travels to visit family, there was a lot of unnecessary emotions that I got my information off. SilverGate is a great patriot and has proven himself by sharing reliable content!

Yes, last year we had an Angel Anon yet he remained private. Whereas SG is out in the public, communicating with us! Since we have followed SG, these things happened:

- Cuomo bit the dust - got executed

- Bill Clinton got hospitalized - I heard he died in GITMO

- Powell has his Dancing Queen funeral

- Barclays executive resigns

- FB got taken over by White Hats and dirty FB changed the name to Meta...a previously established company. Zuck dumped millions of shares of stock!

- Igor Deshenko Steele Dossier gets arrested - Private messages coming in about debts being removed and removed from credit reports

- Much more to include this document that got unsealed recently (remember, Loser Barry wanted his records sealed for 12 years...oh well)

Who is Chris Harvey in the email above?

Let's see so the total number of electoral votes for Jihad Joe to lose is 37:

AZ = 11 - Audited

WI = 10 - Audit now

GA = 16 - Exposed and Audit now

Total = 37

Uh Huh!!

The last time NESARA was suppose to roll out was on 9/11/2001. The dirty deep state did everything they could to prevent Power Back to You the People! Prosperity! Even now, the dirty big tech is in on delivering any hope to you!! They are suspending SantaSurfing Accounts again. They sure do not want any proof out there of all the justice done!

Spotify Suspended Podcast Channel today:

YouTube account that I haven't posted in 4 months, is finding any reason to suspend it! I saved it for when the justice all comes rolling in, I could have one last hoorah on YouTube. But it is the Library of Information these companies do not like!

I am trying very hard to prevent these suspensions and it is truly a challenge not having a stable channel. If this is happening to me, then I know it is happening to other businesses. So I am working on something to help small businesses.

Then there is this GEM that SilverGate posted that he finally shared publicly:


Anons sacrificing themselves to give us our freedom!! To help humanity!

Some are very tired and they still get beat up by the copy cat deep state dweebs that may have lost their buddies through the GITMO / Prison arrests, so they want to fight back!

We all need to stick together more than ever now!!! As more and more bombs drop, we all need to be there!!!


Since NESARA is in's time to get ready!!! NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE, but Cornelius from Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer is giving us a hint!

Pretty sure we'd all be smiling like Bumbo!!!







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Any information shared is not financial or legal advice.

Opinion piece.

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