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NESARA / GESARA in progress! Trump's BOMB post changes everything!

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

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JUSTICE IS ON ITS WAY....ON TRUMP'S TIME! Don't you think that President Trump has a plan for the dirty criminals?

Then President Trump posts a video (from 2 years ago) calling Biden and all the fake news "Criminals".

The website that no big media wants to talk about posted this and is so advanced, even for us deep dive patriot / surfers!

To read more, check out their TG channel.



The NESARA law signed in 2000 by the USA Inc. may differ than President Trump's version of it. President Trump's main focus is bringing back our Constitutional rights!

Trump was right about EVERYTHING! Trump on Crypto - Now Crypto is tanking

Gold Standard - Gold Standard

Back in 2020 it began:

Today, there is more news about other countries going Gold Standard

Russia Countries on Gold Standard Countries banned / banning USD Effective today - Russian has officially banned the US Dollar as collateral! Housing prices overvalued - Run by crooked wall street The whole world is viewing the lack of leadership by the resident houseplant, Joe Biden! Biden is aiding other countries in the billions and now giving a relief to banks by his student loan debt forgiveness plan, that is considered unconstitutional, while struggling Americans are suffering from his agenda, policies and inflated everything. Where is the Love?

Notice that the students that see this debt relief forth coming...are not even grateful? Where is their love? Why aren't the students that paid off their student loans, getting relief? Even Democrats object to this Joe Biden move! People understood when the QFS was running their beta programs in 2020 that people did get debts removed and while their out pour of sharing was massive, what we did not see is how many of these fortunate few were not posting about giving back to humanity.

Do you think this was another move by the White Hats to see if people will be grateful and help humanity? GME Apes that are fighting to help others, some, are trying to stay anonymous and this post will break your heart! "This is for you Dad"

Many people believe NESARA was supposed to wipe out all their debts (I thought so too back in March 2020, until I learned that NESARA was signed under a DeFacto president under the USA Inc.).


Yet, President Trump's focus is on everything constitutional and bringing God back into our country and lives! Parts of NESARA are things that President Trump and the America First politicians (running for a seat or currently a sitting politician) are fighting for. While we see NESARA on the horizon, let's look at the parts that cites the Constitution:

With the illegal raid at Mar-a-lago; with a dirty judge; dirty US Attorney; dirty FBI; dirty Merrick Garland AG that signed off on this and now learning the dirty FBI withheld vital information about Joe Biden, nor did they arrest Biden (and his son) for the plethora of crimes. Instead, they worked with Facebook to suppress the truth about the Hunter Biden Laptop contents that interfered in the 2020 election.

In 2016, cowardly Comey did the same thing (for Hillary Clinton) and the boots on the ground FBI were outraged about this, so Comey had to come clean and cite her crimes, but further stated that she would not get prosecuted! Remember, President Trump calls the top brass FBI Scum- Human Scum:

Yet the Power of the People fought so hard and President Trump did win the 2016 election, but never had a peaceful transition of power. Then President Trump truthed this HUGE message today on 8/29/2022:

The part that caught my attention is: "Declare the rightful winner or, and this would be the minimal solution, declare the 2020 Election irreparably compromised and have a new Election, immediately!" - DJT This post is so big that even Gateway Pundit wrote an article on it.

We can all help humanity. Many are doing it right now, by sharing love and light on social media. Some are giving what they can. One lady says she's on food stamps, yet she bakes things for her fellow neighbor that could not qualify for food stamps, yet could sure use the help to feed their family. Others are giving basics necessities to their local shelters, shoes, socks, clothing, blankets, etc. Let's all contribute to helping humanity in every way! Even if it is a hug. Remember, in 2018 President Trump gave a speech about Dreaming Big:

No other President has ever stated that they want "We the People" to be successful, prosperous, or achieve great things!!! Only President Trump! President Trump is offense! The whole world is viewing the lack of leadership by the resident houseplant, Joe Biden! Biden is aiding other countries in the billions and now giving a relief to only student loan debt forgiveness plan, that is considered unconstitutional (for it requires Congressional approval), while struggling Americans are suffering from his agenda, policies and inflated everything. Why is this happening? To show exactly how a corrupt, so communistic "leader" would be! If new elections are coming, the entire country wants America First and America Back! With more and more independents and even Democrats supporting Trump, this type of Special Election would be a tsunami of a change for bringing back our Constitution!

Keep your Faith in God!!!





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