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NESARA & GESARA Progress updates! Embrace Love!


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05/27/2022 comments below article

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Melania Trump paid tribute to the significance of Juneteenth. A heartfelt message with many hidden messages in it! VIDEO LINK

1) Debt Slavery - Rothchild's and cabal wanted us in debt. They wanted to control us. FDR required all Americans to turn in their gold in 1933. He took away a families' dream of ever becoming wealthy and replaced the gold with paper. Buying a home with a 30 year loan at their interest rates (determined by the Fed Reserve chairman) would cost you nearly double the value of the home price:

2) Injustice Slaves - Our Court system is filled with corrupt judges and attorneys that intentionally perpetrate fraud on the courts. Homes were foreclosed on without the banks having legal rights. The judge makes the final ruling or can sway a jury trial. Or in the General Flynn case, that judge suddenly becomes a prosecutor and the actual prosecutors that brought the case to court wanted the case dismissed and Judge Sullivan would not allow it and files an amicus brief!

3) Unconstitutional Government Ruling Slaves - Obummercare was a perfect example of not just injustice and hypocrisy, but fraud. Obamacare turned out to be, in my opinion, the ultimate health care Ponzi Scheme scam! You are REQUIRED to have their insurance and if you don't you will get penalized for not having insurance. PLUS, the healthcare providers began increasing their premiums and raising the deductible amounts. Big Pharma loved it because they could keep making drugs and charging whatever they wanted.

4) Required Vaccine / Food Lunch Slaves - President Trump mentioned vaccines in his tweets, but he never mentioned it is required, like Obama did! Under Obama and Biden regimes, vaccines were required and if you did not get one then you would get in trouble. Some have dodged that bullet. Big Mike required mush food lunches at the schools. Who dictates what a child has to eat for lunch?

5) Chemtrail Slaves - We had NO CONTROL over the chemtrails filling our bodies. Planes flew around dumping chemtrails. Were these planes owned by WHO or Big Pharma to create more illnesses and diseases making us reliant on medication and doctor "treatments" or prescriptions?

6) Mind Control Slaves - New music "Artists" came around in the early 80's that changed the way people behaved. The songs filled with rage, hate, anger became common. Cartoon shows like South Park were hostile. Video games were the rage in the 90's and then it turned so violent. The fake news media tried to control our minds for decades, by the news, TV shows, Movies, Commercials and 5 years ago, by professional sports teams having complete disrespect for our Military and Country. The very country that gave them their fame and earnings, is the country these sports whiners spit on! Then Large Flat Screen TV's became so popular that many families look forward to watching TV all evening. Many did not know about the mind control until we were red pilled.

7) Fear Slaves / False Flags - Visuals used to create fear and prevent good things - The events that occurred on the day the day NESARA was supposed to be announced, turned to be a tragic day and heartbreaking day! The events were part of the deep state plan.


NESARA is not NWO nor is it the mark of the beast! The Law of War Manual refers to Compensation for Violations of the Law of War. (See Table of Contents enter on pdf page 22 to see all listed):

Remember, the dirty government, central banksters, elites, big tech and fake news does not want you to be powerful and wealthy, they want us to be poor and needy and counting on them to give us an answer.

Then Melania Trump tweeted this on July 4, 2020:

2nd Declaration of Independence

What was NESARA that was signed under the USA Inc. (that is now defunct)?


Since the initial reporting of NESARA/GESARA many things happened reveals proof it is imminent.


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Worldwide FINANCIAL FALL OUT Earnings Wall Street

Hedgies losing

Markets Collasping with high interest rates

FINANCIAL PRIVACY Big Tech and Wall Street Exposed

Zuckerberg indicted

CURES & THERAPEUTICS MedBeds and Huge Developments HCQ




Catherine Herridge at GITMO talking about expansion Former Dirty Celebrities selling assets, got Covid, or just announced they passed away

Corrupt Congress got Covid

PEACE IS THE ULTIMATE PRIZE 1000 Years - President Trump posted this video on 4/26/2022 and changed the song to 1000 years! Is he referring to the 1000 years of peace?

Video of a Tribute to Melania to the tune of She's a lady


Embrace God's Love!







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