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O'keefe reporting in Lahaina! Biden Impeachment! Trump speech!


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James O'keefe Lahaina Reporting Mike Yoder - Attorney - Filed lawsuit against the Hawaiian Government. This would expose so much. Bodies were delivered in containers to the Maui Police Department reported 11 days after the fire. Why weren't they delivered to the morgue? Corruption runs so deep on Maui! Ow Ranch Closed - Ow - Oprah Winfrey is now closed. Oprah's private road is closed to the public. Even if there is a fire, the general public is forbidden from using it. Oprah's cronies will not open it for whatever emergency reason!

Why is reporting about Maui important! Because it exposes the level of corruption is at State and Federal level! Mike Yoder filing in the Federal Court is a big move, but it is also a move to show exactly how the justice system will work. Biden Impeachment Now Joe Biden is going through impeachment inquiry, this is the first step to exposing his crimes! Remember Nancy Pelosi (as Speaker) set the precedent for Impeachment (this was back in 2019).

Many are saying that the impeachment wouldn't pass the Senate. This impeachment is to expose the corruption of the Biden Crime Family! What kind of evidence will the public see? The Constitution only requires someone that took an Oath of Office to uphold their oath! Biden's oath appears to be with other countries like Ukraine and not for We the People of the United States!

Biden is a Traitor!

And so are the rest of his cronies!


President Trump has 2 speeches tonight (9/15/2023). Here are his key messages from the first speech. Listen carefully because I believe he is giving us some warning of what is to come. Is he warning us of some agency / someone trying to keep us in our home? Is he warning us to get stocked? Also listen to his messages of the greatness that is to come. And listen carefully when he talks about "we will be the 47th President..."

Did you know Zillow's description of the White House as "The People's House":

Misinformation vs. Disinformation:

What other moves will happen? One Sep 15 Delta is:

Remember, Kim and Putin met this week and the news is crickets about this meeting. So you know there are huge things on its way!

Let's see what this week brings! Who knows what unexpected things may occur!



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