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Ongoing Speaker Votes! Elon exposing Fauci! America needs a Revelation and Revolution!

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118 CONGRESS VOTED - TWICE FOR SPEAKER - Going into 4th Vote! We were warned about this and it sounds like there may be a surprise name that comes up:

Then CSPAN reported this today, a little bit of history:

How long will this one take? While we are watching this all play out, America is not getting played, it is just not caving like past House Speakers have been installed and brought pointless issues on the floor. IMHO, McCarthy thought he had it and he claims he earned it, well if he earned it, then where the heck was he when the 2020 disaster happened and when the 2022 Election was disastrous! He counted on his Grand ole puppets to back him and We the People were not happy about him at all! He was never there for us so why should he get the Speaker role?

Then, Matt Gaetz calls him out!

Unless Jim Jordan or someone that is an ULTRA fighter for the American people, is nominated, then this could change the votes!

We all want to see some America First Justice, but remember, these people are casting their votes in DC...where the now bankrupt USA Inc. is housed. So let's step back and look at the bigger picture. You all have found huge nuggets while digging for truth! Brunson v. Adams was such small time news 2 months ago and now it is making major headlines. So big that Mike Huckabee is making remarks about it! This article is blunt and bold and Huckabee clearly states this case could overturn the election of 2020!

Heck...even the dogs are happy about this!

So, if the House keeps voting and voting for a Speaker, but the Brunson case (which would have to be decided by SCOTUS pretty quickly) actually reverses the 2020 election, then all of this new House activity would be moot, or would there be a special election?? President Trump is now exposing Ruby Freeman, the ballot suffer / scanner in GA!

We desperately need some revelation news! We definitely need confirmation news now! Elon is on the side lines ready to drop major things about the corrupt Scamdemic and how it destroyed Lives, our families, our loved ones, our hopes, dreams, livelihood!

SETTING A PRECEDENT - Trump Tax Returns Released show that Trump got poorer! The Dems are radio silent about this news!

PEOPLE NEED A BAIL OUT - NOT A HAND OUT! THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA needs a bailout! A bailout from all this dirty corruption! Think about one full year of NO CORRUPTION and EVERYTHING CONSTITUTIONAL, how your life will truly catapult you into thriving! No illegal IRS, Central Banks, Federal Reserve, dirty Banks, Dirty schemes, using tax dollars to bail out other countries, having access to cures and therapeutics, having a justice system that fights for what is right and not how much someone bribed them! Think about how wealthy we would ALL be internally and financially!!! That is the only bail out we need. We don't need handouts, we need solutions to prevent these corrupt politicians from pillaging our lives, and income and way of earning while they all live by a set of different standards! We need a year of REVEAL and REVELATIONS!!!

2022 was the worst year ever! Every single walk of life was affected because someone allowed to steal our Election and completely destroy our way of living! Revealing the Fauci Files, Covid Truths, Biden Crimes is a start! Then we need the new Congress to start doing their jobs! We need the reveals, and we need the dirty FBI and DOJ to close up shop or to know the top brass dirty cops are dealt with! This would all be a good start!

We the People will keep fighting! But now we need to know, what are we fighting for? Revelations and Action? We need the 118th House to begin bringing the justice things to the floor and to begin taking action and making people accountable.

Yes, while we're waiting for Bombs Away...what if you learn that you're the Bomb that makes these Swamp monsters go away?

It is so important that we pace ourselves and not burn ourselves out. We cannot change the outcome of what happens in this movie, but we sure can rally together and make a difference in the lives of others.

Take time to be youthful! Laugh and take time to heal your heart and make it happy!!

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THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX!!! Dan Scavino, Mike Lindell or [Enter Your name] gets voted in as Speaker. Then a case or Brunson case overturns the 2020 election and those dirty swamp rats are booted from Congress! 386 would get booted + Biden and Harris = 388. Booted because their fraud and crimes and treason. When the 2020 is overturned, that includes the State Down ballots! Guess who becomes President Temporarily....the UNELECTED OFFICIAL but voted in as SPEAKER!!!




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