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Pandora's Box! FB down! Zuck loses $7B! Evergrande halts! Merry Christmas!

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May 5, 2020 President Trump tweeted "boaters".

Then liberal Guardian investigate reporter posted about Pandora Papers (article in part below):

Pandora Papers Defined in vid clip:

So what does this all mean?

And what else does it mean? The connection(s) between Evergrande and their Cayman location and JPM as their depositary and all the bond holders Evergrande cannot repay.

Just how much did the SEC and White Hats seize?

Cops showed up:

Next we will wait to see how long the

And we haven't even seen the 2nd phase of the Audit Report...which would put nearly every dirty politician, dirty tech, dirty media, dirty bank, dirty corrupt swamp varmits all around the world in complete shock or arrests!

Project Veritas will have a Part 4 about Pfizer!!!

Stay tuned!!




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