PART 2 - DC Military / Mr Pool / OANN reports Treason!

PART 2 - DC Military / Mr Pool / OANN reports Treason!

Mr Pool posts on 6/23/2021:

Mr Pool posts makes people think and the one that truly resonated with me is the father and daughter on a kayak laughing and enjoying time with each other!

We will soon be shining with laughter!!!


DC happenings!

And what is happening now in DC?



ChipsNFish3 Posted by @TeresaFreeThink combined videos. This is the very first time I have ever heard a reporter openly discuss this topic!

Combined Video Link

Acts of Treason, Sedition trying to over throw the government....would include people that assisted with the election fraud, the ballot shovers, the ballot biden scanners, the usps workers that ditched ballots. Oh and Ruby, who got subpoenaed, will she ever see freedom again?

Now the News is becoming blatant about the obvious. The fact that this is now hitting broadcast airwaves is incredibly telling of what type of news is to come!

While all of this is happening, Ildonaldo is still having so much fun!

Two more days until we see our Bossman on stage for the whole world to see!!


I just want to hug you for helping me and each other get through all of this!


Soon the whole world will experience Freedom!! Freedom from so much!




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