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Pelosi set to resign if Dems lose midterms! Layoffs at FB/CNN/ WF! New Q!



Complimentary Notes (2) with each order of Pain Absolve and Body Sculpt (While supplies last).

WOW SPECIAL - We have enough Sammys through November 16, 2022 - FOR COMBO ORDER PACKAGES (Buy 2 get 1 or Buy 3 get 2 Free) OF PAIN ABSOLVE OR BODY SCULPT, we are giving away a Sammy (plus the notes above)!


CNN Lay Offs incoming!!!




Some Q Comms at Rally (on podcast).

+++ One of the Triangles down! NEW Q 11/6/2022:

Clever ways to by pass the Blue check mark fee!


Now we know the dirty government are our biggest enemy:

We vote like HECK to bring back our Country!!!




Keep your faith in Jesus! He will help you get through the storm!



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