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Planes, Pilots, Ports, and Prayers! Stock up!

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Once this laptop information comes out, it could sicken many of us that have already been awake. Just be ready.



Ports are closed and cranes are not moving! Truck drivers want their containers / shipments so they can haul the food, products, necessities to the stores / warehouses.


Searching on duckduckgo and bing and other search engines, news of airline employees required the vaccination and how they will lose their jobs and the big story that has been hidden for months and brought to light just days ago, is that pilots dying mid-flight.

Two different reports on two different days!

Significant cancelled flights:

June 2021 Sky News reported this and the entire media and airline industry was silent!

What angers me is that the bought and paid for media goons are not reporting this and they are harming the passengers and staff on these flights!!!

Interesting that Delta wants to quash the social media narrative of the pilot dying mid-flight yet they are considered big donors:

This entire CDC donor list will repulse you because we now know why these products and services have and are manipulating so many things from prices, to narratives, etc. They are all in it for the greed and control! Since their dirty cabal puppet masters have already bit the dust, they now have a new puppet master that is NOT covered in the Law of War Manual so the Military can't really touch them, the CDC.

According to this patent 7,220,852 that the CV was created by the CDC back in 2004. Then in 2020 the CV tests was patented by none other than a Rothchild.

Here's some sound advice!

Why not stop doing business with all CDC donors? That would be a good start. Maybe we can start with sending a letter to their board or letter to the local manager to let them know you are taking your business elsewhere, bc of their support for the crooked CDC. Fox News is jumping on the Anon talking points??


Now check out this tweet:




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Opinion piece.

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