Pool 333 post! Distractions galore! Big tech censoring! Lifelog! Praying always heals!



The shift towards greatness is getting distracted! More and more health related news is coming out and the news wants you depressed. What the fake news isn't talking about, is how they are a bunch of puppets controlled by corporations and told to do what they are told! And these puppets follow and they are hurting society, humanity, hopes and dreams!


Their horrible depopulation program is flopping and they won't tell you squat of the real news:

Remember in March 2021, OAN reported the CDC that CV is rarely the cause of death.

Other news, the news isn't reporting:

Nikola CEO Charged

Biden asks Congress to extend renters moratorium

They are hoping you would get barraged with garbage that you will forget what a particular podcaster reported. Podcasters are available through many outlets and the best part is...you don't need a cable service provided to listen to most of them, just internet access or phone data and you're good to go!

The bad news for podcasters, is that the liberal Big Techs are so scared because after tons of research and many hard to find articles reported, that these big tech companies are involved with horrid acts:

Because podcasters expose this kind of information, these big tech companies make it very easy, they suspend the podcaster users account without even following their own terms of service. And they ALLEGE they have Section 230 protections, but when fraud is involved, that Section 230 is thrown out the window, because Fraud Vitiates Everything!

Because these Big tech cowards removed multiple videos back to back, it did not even give me enough time to notify everyone that I got a notice. They did their two strikes per channel on the same day and that prevents me from posting new videos for 2 weeks.

So I did a work around, if anyone searches my channel they can see the avatar changed.

They did not try to shut down my voice, but all your voices! Interesting, YouTube did this just at the same time the lawsuits are filed.

Then this happened.

Pigs did fly.


Gmail finds my tweet and replies....and I didn't even tag them!

Scared Google et al??


Let's not forget this EO 13903, signed by President Trump, could very well be the thorn in their side!



The left is dominating the news because conservative voices are under mass suspension. This was their master plan all along. Use a taxpayer funded program in disguise, to get people to love it and then monitor your every move and then we are so reliant to social media and then at some point, the big techs can control the narrative and suspend / terminate voices that share the truth.

Zuck just happened to go to Harvard and his family ties are very scary, Q2988 and 2989 explains the beginnings of FB:




A not so transparent banging of the gavel. 3 times...

Does this mean justice things are happening behind the scenes that we can't really see? Timestamp is 10:45PM: