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Power to the People Tweet!! Our Bossman is always fighting for you! USA wins the World wins!

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Il Donaldo Dropping Huge News Biden backs down on Vax Mandates having a December 8, 2021 deadline!!! This is super huge!

Earlier this Year, President Trump gave this speech!

On 10/26/2021 Il Donaldo posted this powerful Tweet:

On 9/21/2021 Il Donaldo posted this video Clip on Power to the People:

Our Bossman has never ever let us down! He took an oath to protect the Constitution and he is doing everything in his power to live up to his promise to God and to you!

President Trump is on a mission. To take back our Country and our God Given Freedom!

He started his very first day as the President of the United States by talking about bringing power back to you the People. And later that evening, he dances to the song "I did it my way". We know he is incredibly strategic in everything he does and he built a huge successful empire by doing it the right way!

Let's continue to let him do it his way and in due time, the beauty of his greatness plan will roll out!!!

Please know, that our Bossman has been planning to take down the bad things and people since his very first day in office. Here is another clip of President Trump dancing at his inauguration (taken by Trump Momma who was actually at this beautiful event) and watch very carefully, his facial gestures. He knew the whole world would be watching his Inauguration dance and day full of events and even his facial expressions says so much to his opponents.

It is so interesting, that when President Trump was businessman Trump, the whole world embraced him. All the swamp monsters embraced him. One even said that he would make a great president...who happens to be his presidential opponent in 2016. In 2013 she actually said that she would like to see people like Donald Trump run for office, they're honest and can't be bought.

President Trump is brilliant. He did and he won!!!

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