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Powerful Vatican Malta Dissolved! Nuclear docs? Project Pelican?

Updated: Sep 13, 2022


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Bill Barr is having a FIT about Trump's Special Master ruling! Trump called out Barr at his rallies and in this truth post:

“The opinion, I think, was wrong,” Mr. Barr said on Fox News on Tuesday. “And I think the government should appeal it. It’s deeply flawed in a number of ways.” What is he afraid of? What will they find? President Trump posted the word "nuclear" twice in the past week. And the fake news desperate media is using that same word in their reporting, but NOT ONE OF THE REPORTS points to President Trump. In fact, the articles are ambiguous!

Could the raided / stolen documents contain information about Project Pelican? ARTICLE stating PP will make U1 look like a parking ticket In short, it was a Loser Barry / Obama plot to destroy America!

My guess is that this is what is hidden and most of these PP documents are hidden. This project is so evil and wrong and again, another evil taxpaid project that we didn't sign up for! On other news: Wisconsin Supreme Court declares absentee ballot drop boxes are illegal (

Nevada could cost Democrats their Senate majority ( Liberals panic as new Politico owner aims to turn outlet 'nonpartisan': Looks like CNN has company ( In a leaked recording, Google's CEO reveals plans to 'simplify the company' ( Longtime counselor to Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts stepping down ( Wells Fargo Closes Accounts, Claiming 'High Risk' ( Danske Bank forgives debts for 90,000 customers - MarketWatch Billionaire: The Fed won't say it out loud, but it really wants a higher unemployment rate ( IT WAS CHRIS WRAY! FBI Whistleblowers Reveal Director Wray Personally Removed Concerns Raised by Agents on Politicization of Agency from Final Report! ( BIG NEWS Vatican - Knights of Malta Dismantled - New Constitution in place! Imagine if the USA Federal Reserve/ IRS / Dirty Congress was dismantled, this is how huge this move is for the knights of Malta! The Knights of Malta and the New World Order – James Japan (

Pope dissolves Knights of Malta leadership, issues new constitution | Reuters The Pope's Knights | Knights of Malta | Papal Politics ( Queen Elizabeth ordered to rest - Isn't it a coincidence that Lizzy news is coming out at the same time?


Keep your Faith in God!!!





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