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Pray for our Military! Events not dates!

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Have you ever attended a surprise party? Were you the coordinator? Were you the announcement?

Were you the guests?

Were you the surprisee?


This is exactly what is happening now. We all know that White Hats are in Control of many things and that President Trump leads the way. He wants so much to give us our Presents but certain events have to happen.

During this process, with us being the Surprisee, we may see people we know (guests) skipping around knowing there is a surprise party for you and they don't even say, "Hey...your birthday is coming up, do you want to do something?" You may walk away saying wow...what a jerk...he was the best man at my wedding and he forgets that my birthday is coming up!

Or you may see a group of friends at your favorite restaurant that you all normally frequent together and realize you were not invited to dinner time with them. And then you say hi (with a confused face) and they all stop talking. Yet you didn't know that your friends were planning fun games for your surprise party.

After a few weeks of feeling (not being) shunned, you begin to drop angry social media posts and not answer their calls...again not knowing that they are all keeping the surprise from you.

And let's just say that everybody will be out of town for the weekend of your actual birthday. And not one of them even said a word about your birthday.

Let's also say that you live in a cold climate area and it snows and your birthday is in the middle of winter.

Then 2 things happen:

1) You begin kicking the can feeling so left out and so sad that no one even thinks about you and your birthday and you just want to eat a pint of ice cream and cry.

2) You kick the can, but you find the invitation of the birthday surprise and then it registers and you say...Oh my friend is not a jerk. Oh I better go back and delete my angry posts on social media. Oh I better return those phone calls and play along.

And you realize your friends were out plowing the streets to pave the way for many other friends to come and be a part of this great event!

Which Anon are you?

Now lets look at the People involved:

Were you the coordinator? (PRESIDENT TRUMP) Were you the announcement? (Q POSTS)

Were you the guests? (MILITARY)

Were you the surprisee? (SURFERS / ANONS / PATRIOTS) Away for your birthday / plowing streets (MILITARY MOVES)

Birthday Event (GREATNESS)

Our Military is ready to make some big moves!!! They took an oath to protect the Constitution!! PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR MILITARY!!!








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