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Prince Andrew selling Chalet for his legal fees! Dimon is cryin! AMC STRONG is trending!

If you know of an employer that has a Jab Free Job, please post in this Telegram Community page.



Prince Andrew concedes papers WERE served in the sex assault lawsuit filed by accuser Virginia Giuffre:

Is Operation London Bridge on its way?


Uh...does that mean he has to read??

Big Banks must know what will happen...Cryin Dimon is getting ready for something potentially catastrophic!

The Million Dollar Question I have been getting from several patriots, what happens when the market crashes?

I will answer with this...what is the best way to get rid of the corrupt system we once had and build a new system...doing constant minor remodeling work on a building, piece by piece?

Just adding or repairing new things to an ugly, corrupt system....?

Yet the very foundation is still corrupt and full of swamp rat venom!

Or implode it?

And build it on a beautiful new strong foundation for all to enjoy?

Tifanie on Telegram and Twitter is posting some deep dives on Financial Related news:


AMC Related news:

What the dirty Wall Street and hedgies can look forward to: Basel III

October 1, 2021 Big Bank requirement of $1T in capital

Margin Calls

Turbo Margin Calls - for those naked short sellers

Selling their Assets

Naked short sellers Begging Apes to sell their AMC stock bc they will more than likely face fines and the clink and or fines!

Audit Results to see any nefarious activity

Litigation has already begun (the media isn't talking about this):


What is to come for the people of the world is truly draining the dirty swamp monsters to include the Big Banks!!!

Get ready because Congress has until tomorrow at pass the bill. What is to come is yuge!!!


Please keep praying for God wants us to need Him!!! To hear your prayers to answer them!



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