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Reveals and Revelations - The truth won't be for everyone! In God's Arms!

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TWITTER FILES LINK - January 3, 2023 - The FBI Belly Button TWITTER FILES LINK - January 9, 2023 - How Scott Gottlieb MD - a top Pfizer board member - used the same Twitter lobbyist as the White House to suppress debate on Covid vaccines, INCLUDING FROM A FELLOW HEAD OF FDA! TWITTER FILES LINK - January 12, 2023 - LIES ABOUT RUSSIAGATE TITTER FILES LINK - January 16, 2023 - How the pharmaceutical industry lobbied social media to shape content around vaccine policy.



BE ON THE LOOKOUT 1. SCOTUS in the next 1-2 weeks. Will there be more false flags?

2. JPM Demise. JPM is the custodian for Silver so what will happen to the price of Silver? For every 1 Big named Cabal elite that goes down, 3 top executives from Wall Street goes down!

3. China/Taiwan News. Ukraine/Russia news. All news may merge at same time.

4. Distractions galore.

5. House Resolutions filed:

DOCTORS SPOKE AFTER PROJECT VERITAS EXPOSE Pfizer lastest drops on Pfertility is heartbreaking. Crooked big pharma did everything they could to depopulate and destroy human life and humanity from conception to current. Immediately after the release of PV Pfertility expose', a group of doctors, including Dr. Malone, and Jenna Ellis (Trumps past attorney) held a Twitter Space discussion. To listen to it, please click here.

Answers4Sean spoke too. He lost his beautiful son because his son wanted to play in a sport but the vaccine was required and within a year, his son passed away. He opened his heart and spoke.

We all want answers. But what we are getting are revelations. Albeit it so heart breaking, it is what we need. We are now getting closer to the reasons why and it's the emotions of dealing with it. WILL WE EVER PUBLICLY SEE JUSTICE

Art of War Sun Tzu

Surfer Patriots understand that certain things have to be silent, but there are times that people need to see something publicly revealed. A message from the Art of War Sun Tzu:

For all of the women in the world, that wanted so much to bear a child and couldn't, we are all learning as to the possible reasons why we couldn't. You may have felt life was incomplete. Many spent thousands to find a way to have a child, and many others adopted a child to give them a beautiful life. A dear friend sent this most beautiful message for we both wept. I hope this can lift your hearts:

Our fight has always been for the children. Our military men and women suffered the brutality of their journey to rescue the millions of children around the world. What did they see? What kind of conditions were the trafficked children in? What did the military people face and their opposition? How many of their lives were lost? Our fight is to continue so that the children of the world are protected forever.

My prayers go to the military soldiers and the children involved. There are many Children that are in God's arms right now...and completely safe. Safe from evilness, shots, exposure to the woke world. Yet those loved ones left on earth still miss them.

Thank you, Military and White Hats. The warning of "The Truth won't be for everyone" has multiple meanings.

Never forget all our Military did for the Children and Humanity!

Loved ones lost; dreams planned; your tears; your hearts...are now in God's Arms! Let God hold you!

When we have done our job to help those asleep, lost or woke, as much as we can, we may feel like we are the 3rd puppy entering Noah's Ark, but is it us carrying that 3rd puppy, the one that chooses not to be awake or stand for God and humanity? Those still asleep will need to enter the modern-day version of Noah's Ark on their own. You have done your job, now it is up to them.

While our Military Men and Women are serving their duty and fighting for our Freedom, they take the time to give us inspiration:

God Bless our Military!!!

Please hug your loved ones.



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