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Robinhood IPO flops first day! Someone got indicted! Smiling within!



HOOD went public today...on the very same day of the AMC Shareholder meeting. What a coinky dinky! And amazingly, their app allowed traders to trade without a glitch. Interesting that they halted trading when GME and AMC were highly active (earlier this year) and all they could get was a silly congressional hearing.

What I find interesting is that Vlad has been titled "CEO" for months, but when you look at certain filings...he is not. Where's Vlad? Remember, Robinhood got fined twice. Here is a report from the to pay $65M in fines and to pay $70M in fines . Two government agencies.

Their first day of trading, welp...the stock didn't do well:

Isn't Citadel and Melvin in cahoots with Robinhood? Was this their master plan to get this first day of trading to build millions in capital, only to have a flop day?

I'd be interested to see how things play out in the next few weeks. Remember, last year, the SEC ruled that the SEC may seize profits from fraudulent companies. Now that Robbinghood is a publicly traded company, could this be a trap?

AMC Shareholder meeting today

Not one major news article is reporting this huge shareholder meeting! When it doesn't make headlines, then that news is important!



NM House Majority Leader Rep. Sheryl Williams Stapleton may have embezzled upwards of $954,000 dollars in a racketeering, laundering and illegal kickbacks scheme.

Welp, this could be the Turning Point for many dems.



President Trump Youtube Channel has been posting a couple clips of our show and switching out images, but using the narrative. Then it is deleted by in a couple of hours.

This is very exciting news for this confirms your hard work does pay off!




A beautiful woman shared a story:

Sophia's husband fought for our country and continued fighting for the truth by posting on 8kun about being ready. Q2314 recognized this family. This is such remarkable strength and courage isn't stopping this family at all! By the Grace of God, they are a testimony for millions!! Sophia Twitter.

Your beauty comes from within!!! Everyone is beautiful and most do not see that! We may see it in others, but not ourselves. You are God's precious child and He created each one of us to be beautiful. It was up to us to carry out His plans.

Hopefully, one day, when you look in the mirror, you can tell yourself



Being grateful for the everything pleases our Lord!!! He loves it when we thank Him for the great things and the challenges.

We truly are seeing a Turning Point in this movement.

Believing and Receiving Christ in our hearts and lives is the most fulfilling and blessed life to live! It isn't always easy, yet it is so rewarding! When God through the Holy Spirit comes into your hearts and lives, your outlook begins to change and those around you will see you radiate with something they cannot quite describe!!

And Christ will use you and your beauty to help others and radiate and shine!


And there is a reason why President Trump had his fantastic rally at a Turning Point event! It appears the turning point is happening within.

Let God embrace you!!

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