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Robinhood IPO flops first day! Someone got indicted! Smiling within!



HOOD went public today...on the very same day of the AMC Shareholder meeting. What a coinky dinky! And amazingly, their app allowed traders to trade without a glitch. Interesting that they halted trading when GME and AMC were highly active (earlier this year) and all they could get was a silly congressional hearing.

What I find interesting is that Vlad has been titled "CEO" for months, but when you look at certain filings...he is not. Where's Vlad? Remember, Robinhood got fined twice. Here is a report from the to pay $65M in fines and to pay $70M in fines . Two government agencies.

Their first day of trading, welp...the stock didn't do well:

Isn't Citadel and Melvin in cahoots with Robinhood? Was this their master plan to get this first day of trading to build millions in capital, only to have a flop day?