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Rumble going public! FBI raided My Pillow CEO! UK prepping for GITMO?

Updated: Sep 19, 2022


Complimentary Notes (2) with each order of Pain Absolve and Body Sculpt (While supplies last)




FINANCIAL NEWS Big Banks are in trouble! This clip sounds a lot like gibberish and back peddling.


RUMBLE - 78M monthly active users

CFVI a publicly traded blank check company (that takes businesses public) will have a meeting with Rumble to discuss going public on Friday 9/16/2022! Rumble was supposed to have a meeting with its shareholders (on 9/15/2022) to discuss going public. Two days ago, this video came out and CFVI and Rumble announced it is going public! Oh, how I love how they are diverting the fat cats at Fall Street! The current stock symbol is CFVI and on 9/16/2022 the new stock symbol will be RUM!

Rumble Grew from 1.5 M - 78 M monthly active users in less than 2 years!

Twitter currently has 68M monthly active users!



We know the losers at Fall Street will try to hammer this stock and downgrade it and not share its news. Remember, Rumble has an Anti-trust lawsuit with Google right now (Rumble v. Google) and we shall see what the results will become!

[Listen to podcast to hear more insight about this CFVI > Rumble transaction - it is NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE - ONLY AN OPINION]


FBI DIRTBAGS! Seized Mike Lindell's phone!

Dirty FBI is desperate to silence voices! Tells me...did Big Tech go down quietly? Is Big Tech no longer carrying out the FBI orders to censor, suppress our voices? What else did the FBI do? Create Antifa and BLM? Allow drug, child, human trafficking? Make attempts to destroy humanity? Interfere with our justice system? Take away our rights to earn a living? They are randomly raiding Trump supporters now! This is not the country we all knew, it is a totalitarian government. What happens when the FBI accidentally raids a loser Houseplant or Barry supporters' outraged will the left get?


We will learn more and more about the dirty alphabet agencies such as that Bush dynasty that died!

Bush dynasty is done! Liz Cheney gets beaten at the polls!

Vatican Nights of Malta is dissolved and replaced with a new Constitution! Lizzy bites the dust officially and the entire royal family is in mourning. What are they really mourning about? Their empire is now gone? Charles has a tizzy fit over signing a document and now his staff will get pink slips! And the world leaders going to Lizzy's funeral have to fly coach and take a bus? Will this be another Bush Sr. funeral event?

Article on Charles staff getting laid off! I think this is their final days of freedom in the public eye! I think their new home is a guard gated community in Cuba!

Remember, there was more love for Princess Diana Spencer than for this horrid monarchy!

Remember September 19 markers:

Be prepared!


Trump and Scavino Comms leads to the same Q post! NOW COMES THE PAIN

Timestamp 1027 - Q1027:

"The majesty of the United States is gone." This is incredibly huge remark because the USA and other countries are not at the mercy of the UK and paying their debts! We are transitioning to freedom of their slavery! Check out this:

Timestamps 1305 and 1306 - Q1305 Q1306:

Who Sang about who? Who will fall down?

Remember Yesterdays Marker:

God Bless you and thank you for sharing truth, love and joy!!


Keep your Faith in God!!!





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