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Satellite Phones! Obama knew! Russia bans Obama + 500 ppl! More...


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Congress filed several impeachments on several people:

Antony Blinken Merrick Garland - Public Announcement Lloyd Austin - Public Announcement

BIDEN IS A JOKE! While America is falling apart and the debt ceiling negotiations are going nowhere and Biden isn't doing a darn thing to help anything, reporters are asking him questions and he gives them this response!


2023.05.21 Impeachment Biden
Download PDF • 1.95MB

2023.05.21 Impeachment Wray
Download PDF • 1.99MB

2023.05.21 Impeachment Garland
Download PDF • 1.90MB

Adam Schiff Expulsion filed!

Spoke with Rep. Luna's office today and this person enlightened me that this House Resolution would require a House vote only, yet currently, Adam Schiff has a Current Investigation! The news is not reporting that information!


OBAMA THE RENEGADE! Back in 2016 just days after the 2016 Election, NSA Director, Navy Admiral Mike Rogers quietly meets with President-Elect Trump at Trump Towers. He does not notify Obama of his meeting.

The Swamp never thought that HRC would lose! NEVER! They rigged an election and she still lost!

Then days after that, President-Elect Trump meets with Obama at the White House and here are a few clips where Obama lies to Trump and the World! You can see the disgust in President Trump's expression that he knew what Obama was up to but at this time, he couldn't say a word until he was officially sworn in!

Durham Report Reveals Obama knew about the scandal to frame and spy on President-Elect and President Trump!


You decide as to why Russia is banning some very big and prominent names from entering the country! Is it because these people cannot escape to Russia? Is it because something bigger is going on that will evolve? Then this news breaks today! The Sgt. of Arms, Karen Gibson, offers Senators a Satellite phone in case of a "man-made" or natural disaster...only 50+ Senators accepted Gibson's offer. Again, you draw your own conclusion but isn't it interesting that Satellite phones are offered to Senators? Why not the House? What's brewing?

Raland Brunson's case was denied by SCOTUS even though Raland's lawsuit contained everything Constitutional, SCOTUS rejected it.

Loy Brunson's case awaits a response from SCOTUS due on May 24, 2023. This case is Constitutional, and it names the majority of the Democrats in the House along with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Let's hope SCOTUS does the right thing!

January 2023, Kash Patel talked to Charlie Kirk about Inherent Contempt of Congress:

Antony Blinken defied a subpoena and Congress threatened a Contempt of Congress, so Blinken caves and gives Congress what they wanted. Was Blinken frightful that he would get arrested and locked up?

Who else defied a subpoena? FBI Chris Wray! So will Wray eventually cave and turn over the documents? Or will he be in Contempt of Congress? Again, what are they hiding? We know, but the majority of the world does not know.

Is President Trump going to get back 2016 since he NEVER had a peaceful transfer of power?

Check out who liked this reply....Papi Trumpo!


BIG Financial News is breaking and will report on that in tomorrow's podcast!

6/3 Delta - Q1440

We do need to be prepared and ready for blackouts. We need to be prepared for whatever comes our way! President Trump via IlDonaldo account posted himself praying!




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