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Saving our God Given Freedom!!



The leftover bottom feeders doesn't care about the very country that gave them their freedom and life and lifestyle! Joe has got to go!!!

Patriots...I realize these clips may anger you, but it needs to be shared with EVERYONE and everywhere. Fake News is still protecting The liberals need to see this because this explains what a horrible human being he is!!! His woke administration is avoiding question. Kirby is part of the Defense's Public Affairs team...then why can't he talk about things in public??

PINEAPPLE EXPRESS is underway. Rogue military special operations saving the lives of Americans in Afghanistan!

During this time...Afghanistan updates:

The last message tells me the airport went dark. No comms, etc. Tells me the White Hats are doing their thing!


Perhaps Mr Pool and the White Hats want us to know this is all a movie that is playing out. He even posted the watch post at 9:31 AM and Joe was scheduled at 9:35. Did Joe look at his watch at 10:28AM? We know Q, Mr Pool, Dan Scavino, etc. posts have multiple meanings!!!


Il Donaldo posted this clip about trusting the Boss (God in Heaven):

Then he posted this beautiful nugget about lowering interest rates and taxes...infrastructure. Our government agencies, IRS are part of the infrastructure!

President Trump's fight has always been for the Children and Humanity!!!

While we keep pushing the narrative for the liberals to see, we also know that bigger better things awaits!!



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Opinion piece.

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Deneze .C. Lujanen
Deneze .C. Lujanen
Aug 31, 2021

the false Joe Bidens real name is Arthur Roberts..hes a looklike for Joe Biden that travels and does speeches and other things ,anyways the real Joe Biden has been executed for Treason/pedophilia and much more , this morning hunter biden has been arrested at the air port with 2 under age children and crack cocaine on his person then you will see Gates court documents and tomorrow is day 2 of his court trial by Military Tribuanal.. and fauci has been arrested, clinton[Hillary] has been hung, bill clinton doing life..Comey got the guilatine and Bill Barr was hung for treason and Brennan was hung,Podesta and shiff and obama were shot by fireing squad. .. check it out your self..

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