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Schiff/Garland/Wray - #ImpeachmentWeek! Expulsion - Pencil Neck! 118 Congress on Fire!


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Remember in March, Representative Cory Mills files an impeachment on Lloyd Austin and announces it in a hearing!

And Congressman Chip Roy rips into DHS Mayorkas:

And we learned the dirty FBI/ DOJ knew about the dirt behind Crossfire Hurricane and hid that. Knew about the entire Biden criminal enterprise and did nothing. Knew about HRC and never charged her.

And how Schiff made up a fictional character as his Whistleblower during Trump's impeachment hoax!

Congress filed several impeachments on several people:

Antony Blinken Merrick Garland - Public Announcement Lloyd Austin - Public Announcement

Alejandro Mayorkas - Public Announcement Kamala Harris Joe Biden (10) Yet, we have not heard of all of these impeachments enacted! So now it appears to be happening!

Well, rather than having them in Contempt of Congress, they opted to pursue impeachment! Now listen to this Rally (highlights) that President Trump via ,Il Donaldo Account, posted. Is President Trump hinting his first terms, the 2016 term? President Trump NEVER had a peaceful transfer of power and that affected the American people. He had a corrupt everything to get him out of office! This is a lot bigger than we ever expected! Because no other President has been in this situation before (likely most have been installed or they are de facto presidents), what will the violation of the Constitution bring to President Trump?

Even TMZ is putting out articles like this...touting Trump!

Welp it looks like I'd better get my Grass Skirt Ready to do that Hula Sammy Dancing!



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