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SCOTUS Showdown! Trump cleared! God's works!

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JAN 6 Headlines PELOSI TIES Pelosi Elbows child Dems releasing sleepers? What really happened Jan 6 STRENGER SGT IN ARMS Paid Agitators

Q defined by General Q on Friday 6/24/2022 They're coming after you Rally Day And Locals News ____________________________________________________________________________



Buh Bye Green New Deal!

CTMAGA2020 posted about new IMF President Trump posted this Gem in an RV! RV = Revalutation!

Desperate Dems are more Desperate

Oh let the dems have their brief moment to celebrate Kentanji getting fake sworn in! They can have their squirrel moment....

While us Sammy Surfin Lions have our Squirrel moments!!!

____________________________________________________________________________ Trump V. HRC and Swamp Rats / USA Inc. - Case 2:2022cv14102






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