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Since New House Congress - BIG BOOMS happening! NYT - New GITMO at Pentagon!



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Dems are Scared!!! They don't want Trump to run or to announce his candidacy for President at all! Heck the best one they had was a blithering bumble head!

They're texting conservatives and this one says it all!

Joe has to look at his instructions...what to say, where to sit, etc.

Oh my gosh...that's the best the Dems can come up with for a Presidential candidate??

Even CNN is reporting what is actually happening right now! New House is elected and now Biden investigation underway...FINALLY! The drunk Pelosi would never bring this issue to the floor, but this new House congress did!

Speaking of the Drunk...well...she's officially done! Here is a clip of her announcement with an Il Donaldo clip at the end of it:

The taxpayers will be saving well over $100,000 every two years! She spends over $100k in in flight beverages and food. RIDICULOUS!!! Pelosi has been Speaker since 2007 and she's hasn't accomplished SQUAT!!! Finally, she is out of the way! She's resigned from Public office....period!

But what are all the nasty things she did to President Trump? Now the America First House can do the same to Joe Biden! And they are!

Remember when President Trump talked about the 25th Amendment haunting Joe Biden:



FTX Collapse

Reports have come out that FTX donated to the Democrat party. FTX founder Bankman-Fried got VERY BIG NAMES involved in promoting FTX! Now they are named in this lawsuit:

Dems have zero big donors. No Zuck Bucks! No FTX Funds! And they have NO Candidate to run for President in 2024!!!

Remember, President Trump, the Military Intelligence, Military, NG and White Hats know exactly how to make every single move and each move is strategic and done with precision.


@RealVincentKennedy knows about 2023!!!




Keep your faith in Jesus! He will help you get through the storm!



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