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So. Africa Collapsed! GESARA Incoming! Domino effect worldwide! Moore v Harper!

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A country or major region of a country that collapses due to rolling blackouts, water / food shortages. High inflation. The collapse would be the first of many other countries to collapse. The ripple effects would be GINORMOUS!

If South Africa is affected, will it disrupt the supply chain for other countries that need their exports? Africa has been facing significant food shortages for years due to the drought. God would never create a Country or Continent that couldn't receive rain to help the country's food supply.

Geoengineering was disguised as helpful ways to manipulate the weather, but did science manipulate God's creation via the weather manipulation to create a famine? Create droughts so that livestock and farmlands would dry up, the people would have to ration water or drink contaminated water? Drought in parts of Africa is the worst! The countries in Africa have faced a drought for years. How is this possible when Africa was once a lush land? Was this part of the dirty cabal's depopulation plan? To cause severe drought and hunger to innocent lives? Now rolling blackouts to disable the use of any electricity? Countries have been manipulated through crooked governments for years. We know President Trump has worked hard to help the people in Africa, yet like all his worldwide peace talks / agreements where the majority of the world did succumb to President Trump, was there a bigger plan in place that required taking down Deep State in those countries first, before releasing their new energy, minerals, lands back to them?

Countries in Africa once held the largest reserves of Gold. Under GESARA, would that be President Trump's leadership to manage the gold reserves? Africa is the first country to collapse. What other countries will follow? When countries collapse, the only alternative is to roll in GESARA! USA BANKING UPDATES

On Local Levels Debit cards decline to process payments. Noted as Fraud Alert!



Finally, MSM is sounding alarms on Moore v. Harper case! This case was set for Dec 7, 2022 and SCOTUS has been media / radio silent about this case. Rehearing of this case is set for March 14, 2023.

The Breakdown as of January 29, 2021. Independent State Legislator Theory (ISLT) is Constitutional and would allow the State Legislators supersede the state government / court on election laws. In 2020, the state government / courts decided the fate of the election and dirty Congress with Mike Pence certified the election knowing it was not based on Constitutional law and knowing the 2020 election contained fraud. If the State legislatures decided on it, the 7 battleground states would have had their votes certified for President Trump. The mules, fraud, ballot harvesting used to steal the 2020 election to Biden was not only recorded in the 2000 Mules Documentary, it was recorded via security cameras showing the mysterious midnight ballots that appeared and the majority of those ballots were for Joe Biden. If SCOTUS rules to overturn the 2020 Election, one process (not definitive) would be through the Convention of States. This would allow one elector from each state (50 total electors) to vote for their candidate. In the below graph, there are 28 Republican legislatures out of 50.

Keep your eyes on SCOTUS!


We know President Trump is so ready to return back as the Public Eye President! The world needs him back more than ever! But does the entire world have to collapse before he returns? Or will major countries including the UK / USA have to collapse financially / market wise before we see greatness?



GOD'S JUSTICE ALWAYS PREVAILS! Jesus was a fighter for the truth!





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