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Some solutions for mandates!



Secret meeting on Jan 8, 2021



The people in Hawaii are now facing a harsh reality...vax mandates required. Yes, there are posts of ignoring mandates, but the ignorant government in Hawaii is enforcing their man made rules! Tourists are getting arrested upon arrival

Effective this week, Oahu and Maui have strict vax mandates. Even small businesses are volunteering to join the vax jab mandate band wagon!! Hundreds of people lost their jobs these past few days because the unvaxxed believe in their Constitutional rights!

My concern are those with families that they need to provide food and a home!! Unemployment or government subsidies won't cover their expenses! The government does not have a back up solution like Trump did last year. They are so used to the people of Hawaii fighting back and they are just used to these families working 2-3 menial jobs to make ends meet!!! The governor has not done one good thing for the locals and residents!

Yes, I am outraged bc even marching down the streets seems pointless if the idiot government never wants to hear the truth!

So far...vax is required to:

- Many Workplaces of private employers

- Many unions

- Doctors visits

- Traveling to Hawaii (or a negative Covid test within 72 hours of arriving)

- Hotels

- Restaurants in door dining - but they are allowed to have unvaxxed staff

- Gym

- Many tourist attractions

- Libraries

Private employers that opted in for the vax mandates. They can't seem to quote a law citing these mandates are legal, but they will bully residents and tourists to jail and fines!

What is a solution? We need solutions!

So I was talking with Iggy and she and I were brainstorming and this is a partial solution to help those that lost their jobs due to mandates in the USA:

LEGAL TEAM in Hawaii to help. I spoke with a representative of this group and they are ready to help those that were affected by the vax mandates. They already are fighting the government in a case filed last year. It is going through an appeal process for they are also dealing with judges that may not be on the side of the Constitution.

And I have to remind ourselves...we fought for our freedom, share so much truth and our fight is for the children! To save the Children! To free the world from slavery!

So it is obvious that these local governments don't care about YOUR children, humanity, survival at all! With their minion mindset, it is just a matter of time that they along with crooked justice system faces God's wrath!


Mr Pool





21 Days of Prayer

On 9/11/2021 President Trump calls for 21 Days of Prayer...



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Opinion piece.


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Robingale Masters
Robingale Masters
2021. szept. 16.

Best of luck in Hawaii, a piece of inspiration on our coming together

dead poets society finale


May Gods Bless Hawaii and the people. 🙏🙏❤️😪🙏

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