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Symposium got hacked on LIVE demonstration! EBS Alert Happened to many!



CodeMonkey and Cyber Experts did a fantastic job explaining the election fraud! Colorado raided the SOS Clerk's office (Tina the Whistleblower). Why would they raid her office? She is now speaking out!

Wendy Rogers Tweets:


Arrest Warrant for the 52 cowards!


Day 0


Mr Pool

Mike Pompeo

Your Voices are still heard!!! LOUDER than every before!!

Stay Frosty!!



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1 opmerking

Hi Santasurfer! Love your show💕 I just wanted to let you know after clicking one of the direct links to the @TeamTrumpOfficial in your article link, my phone said it was updating my Telegram site??? Wanted to let you know in case this shouldn't be happening. I reset started my cell during the update and it stopped it.

Thanks for all the wonderful work you do!!

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