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The Drunk landed! Celeb unleash on Poso! Crypto Ponzi Scheme!

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Bin Laden and Successors AlQueda Leader dead Didn't Loser Barry pretend to kill Osama Bin Laden to increase his ratings for an election year? Now the Houseplant regime is TRYING to do the same? Charles took money from Osama Bin Laden - Interesting points by PepeLivesMatter SWAMP RAT NEWS Connecting Crazy Nancy Dots Pelosi Insider Trading Semiconductor Industry


Financial & GESARA News Biden IRS is desperate! Remember the IRS destroyed 30M returns and 41% of taxpayers did not file a 2021 return! Bulgaria going GESARA Crypto Execs Ponzi Scheme Wall Street is Desperate! Spoofing in the works!

____________________________________________________________________________ EYES ON TRUMP LAWSUIT Against the Swamp and USA Inc. Trump V. HRC and Swamp Rats / USA Inc. - Case 2:2022cv14102






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