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The left is losing it! Does the left not want Greatness? Focus on the Audits! PRAY!



The left and the media minions were so angry when they lost. They had 4 recounts and spent 4 years crying about a stolen election!

What did Russia have to do with the 2016 election or the fake dossier? Nothing! Not a darn thing! The left just kept blaming Russia!

Then that was all proven to be wrong and all pointed to HRC , the Dems and the Dirty cops! posted this video clip (that did get RT by President Trump) and it pretty much sums of the evil plot from the left!! After they spent 4 years complaining about Russia.

Man, what did Russia have to do with the fake made up Dossier and the 2016 election...not a darn thing!

Before I share the video, take a moment to replace the virus (QTime mentions in this clip) with every single other dirty tactic the left tried to use!

  • Covid - a patent from the CDC and created in a Wuhan Lab

  • Vaccine mandates - that is falling apart quickly - who created the vaccines...big pharma!

  • Mask and Social Distancing mandates - It's not a law! But the left government will hurt and arrest if you don't wear one!

  • No Mingling mandates - What? Now the left are dictators?

  • Business closures required - Trump offered PPP and EIDL loans.

  • FEAR news everywhere - Fake news using old pics and Anons are catching them!

  • Threatening your job - Is that even legal?

  • Audit denouncing - What? They sure agreed with the wicked HRC when she demanded a recount and talked about Russia stealing the 2016 election, but these same liberals can't remember squat now.

  • Afghan fiasco! And the left will not own it! Biden has run away from it

  • Wall Street naked short sellers - Uh oh...there are new regulations!

  • Mail in voting

What they are not talking about (very short list):

  • Joe and his family horrid crimes

  • Loser Barry's horrid crimes

  • Audits are constitutional

  • Exposing foreign interference and corruption!

  • TX Dems are cowards and flee their own state and now have arrest warrants.

  • Cuomo nursing home scandal is still under investigation

  • The real Whitmer, Gavin news!

  • Media knows the White House is closed and they remain secretive about it!

  • The clowns cannot control us any more!

  • We know the dirty dems and fake news' repeats itself!

If the left is already fighting before the release of the Audit Reports (8/22/2021 for AZ and MI is soon to follow), then imagine their denial after the reports are out they find out that Biden did lose. Will Biden have destroyed so much of America that they silently say...okay, I'll accept President Trump as our president or will they resist?

Imagine the Media!! And imagine the media knowing that they have an Army of Social Media Keyboard warriors ready to drop truths? They know they are so screwed!

This is why we need to unite and help each other because we have another battle ahead!

Join Chat Groups that helps inspire you and helps build you!!


@ScavinoChannel (Dan Scavino warriors)



@QTimeNetwork (created video above)

@familyman20181 (Financial related)

@globalqfs (Mr Pool's chat)

@ReOpenAmericaNow (blunt truth memes)








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Aug 18, 2021

Thank you for the nice words about me on your show. Your show is my dose of inspiration. Thanks for all you do. I was wondering why so many started following me. You are a gem in a world of uncut diamonds.


Jeff Hogancamp
Jeff Hogancamp
Aug 18, 2021

This is all going to come to a very sudden end for them. The entire World is going to fight back. I can't wait for yet another Win..



I so appreciate your positivity and passing on of the news.

I am in Oregon and there are many of us here... not quite connected or united, but here nonetheless. Thankfully more and more people here are standing up.

Recently , yet many are complying. However, in our store we have a sign that says "ALL ARE WELCOME ... Masks and vaccines are a personal choice. People with or without are welcome in our store." Many come in and say "Thank you" as they take off their masks. Others leave their mask on.

It it one way we are trying to lessen the division that has been caused. Granted, it is a small step, but am hopeful it will…

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