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The left is losing it! Does the left not want Greatness? Focus on the Audits! PRAY!



The left and the media minions were so angry when they lost. They had 4 recounts and spent 4 years crying about a stolen election!

What did Russia have to do with the 2016 election or the fake dossier? Nothing! Not a darn thing! The left just kept blaming Russia!

Then that was all proven to be wrong and all pointed to HRC , the Dems and the Dirty cops!

gif posted this video clip (that did get RT by President Trump) and it pretty much sums of the evil plot from the left!! After they spent 4 years complaining about Russia.

Man, what did Russia have to do with the fake made up Dossier and the 2016 election...not a darn thing!

Before I share the video, take a moment to replace the virus (QTime mentions in this clip) with every single other dirty tactic the left tried to use!