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Their end is near! They are fighting to prevent our Greatness! The Shift! Jesus knew - Luke 12:8


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Trumpsara Incoming?

They're going to need more room for AZ culprits

End of Occupation

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Jesus knew. Luke 12:8-22



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Unknown member
Aug 05, 2021

Keep in mind, scripture is clear there will come a great deception, where there will be a time of peace, tranquility, end of hostilities, and then suddenly it will all be turned over...prepare now, this is the period prior to that and we must be ready for the final part


Angelina Pelano
Angelina Pelano
Aug 05, 2021

god bless you santa


God Bless you and your family🙏💕


Thank you Sammy


Thank you Santa Surfing! Much ❤️

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