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There was a Red Wave! Thank you President Trump! This pod isn't for everyone!

Red Wave did happen!



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There were a bunch of Debbie Downers last night.

What were you expecting?? The Dems last fight without their cheating?? Of course, they would cheat and use their fake news buddies to throttle the actual results! Then to see the angry Coattail MAGA peeps turning on Trump.

So what did you do to help in this fight? Vote, yes of course.

Ironically, when I looked at the Debbie Downers' home page, they sure weren't fighting and posting truth bombs. Nothing original.

President Trump is SAVING THE WORLD and campaigned like crazy and endorsed hundreds of candidates, even during the final stretch! Rain or Shine....Trump was there!!

But it appears Coattail MAGA peeps were watching fake news for their information. What part of Fake News is the Enemy of the People do they not understand??

Remember when President Trump won the 2016 election and KellyAnne Conway talked about relying on their internal polls. The fake news asked if they could see those polls and KellyAnne said "NO"!

So President Trump via his Il Donaldo account was posting updates and sneak peeks for us!

President Trump did not deserve the several negative responses!!! He is trying his very best to deliver information when it is the right time!

President Trump is our Commander in Chief and he needs for us to fight like Heck until we get through this battle! Maybe goal posts are moved because he needs people to get it right with God and Faith! And last night, it was so disappointing!

Interesting too, that with all the negative, complaining comments, have these people forgotten that Joe Biden has turned this country into a Communistic country? These same people did not even care to THANK President Trump and his Team(s) for an outstanding job done or thank him for fighting like heck to give us our Freedom!!

Trump is right about Everything because he is given the wisdom from GOD to help! Some got suspended...again...but it isn't going to stop us from fighting for our God given Freedom and Constitutional Rights!!!

President Trump is taking down 1000+ years of human abuse corruption and over a decade of financial slavery and it isn't an easy task!

Trump is freeing us from Slavery and huge obstacles are bound to interfere!

Traps were set!

National Guard was deployed but they may not have been as obvious:

We did win and still winning!

Let's just be Thankful and Grateful to God!!! God Deserves our appreciation the most!!!




Keep your faith in Jesus! He will help you get through the storm!



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